Employee Motivation: How to Keep Your Entire Team Happy

Few would disagree that the workplace has changed immensely over recent years. Several years ago, most managers might have been seen as hard taskmasters, but now teams are managed with a much softer approach. A lot of theories have been published on these management styles, and they make for interesting reading if you possess the time.

One of the key points of this management is employee motivation. As the saying goes, a happy workforce is a productive one, and this is of course what everyone is looking for.

Employee motivation is the key to success

Bearing this in mind, through the rest of today’s article we will take a look at some of the main ways you can boost the motivation within your team.

Reward employees accordingly

Note the “accordingly” element of this first tip. After all, while the famous sales league tables which historically (and still do in some companies) line walls may motivate some, it would be fair to say that they are not suitable for every industry.

Instead, a softer approach is required, with employee of the month awards being common. In addition, simply rewarding at festive points of the year can work a treat as well, and just show the whole team that you appreciate their efforts. Take a look at these holiday gift ideas for employees for inspiration.

The power of purpose

Rather than treating your employees like workers, talk to them like the important part of the business they really are. Even if they hold quite a low position, their efforts do make a difference in your business and they need to realize this.

If you can include them in some decisions, it simply enhances this feeling of purpose as well. Not only will they take more pride in their work, but it becomes easier for them to understand the bigger picture of the business.

Provide autonomy wherever possible

One might be surprised at just how important trust is within the business environment. Again, we can link this back to history, where the relationship between employers and employees was fractured to say the least. Unless you held a senior position, you were presented with barely any autonomy and this simply created a lack of trust.

Well, if you are serious about motivating your team, let them have some autonomy. Suddenly, they will have direct responsibility over an area, regardless of its size, and this has been proven to make a monumental difference to motivation levels.

Busy employees

Each employee is different

Finally, let’s talk about the power of personalization. Any manager worth his or her salt will know their employees personally to some extent, and this should allow them to understand exactly how they tick. Even if you have a large team, you will know to some extent the preferences of your workforce.

From this point you can start delegating work accordingly, and communicating to them in a way they appreciate. This can effectively tailor their job more to their personality, and subsequently heighten their motivation.