Here’s How a Virtual Data Room Differs From Any Traditional Cloud-based Storage: Which One to Choose?

The use of virtual data rooms allows you to save the sensitive information of your business all in one place. However, these services cannot be found for free because of the features that they come with. You might be wondering why you shouldn’t use a free cloud-based service that might provide you with extra storage along with a seamless way to share the files across various platforms and devices.

If you are also confused about the decision between a virtual data room and traditional cloud-based services like Dropbox, Google Drive and others, this article is going to clear up your confusion.

Virtual data room

Sharing sensitive business data can’t be risked with an insecure storage service

Considering the importance of security when it comes to managing the data related to any business, it becomes vital to choose storage services that ensure data security in an incomparable manner. While Dropbox might allow you to share the files in a seamless manner, it just can’t compete with the multiple layers of security that any virtual data center comes with. This might be a deciding factor for business owners who can’t risk their sensitive business data from getting in the hands of unauthorized people.

Virtual data centers come with multiple layers of security

While it would be quite irrelevant to say that your data isn’t safe in your Google Drive, you need to understand that business data is not handled the same way as normal user data is. There need to be various levels of security that can be mapped using a single service, thus leaving virtual data rooms as your only options to rely on.

Accessibility levels are integrated within any virtual data center

Access levels of every single file stored in virtual data rooms can be controlled by the business buyer. This way you will be to control who gets to access what along with having an option to end that access whenever required. The accessibility can be shifted instantly as soon as you feel the need to reassign the present access levels.

Cloud-based data storage

Traditional cloud-based services can’t let you control what happens to the files you share

With a traditional cloud-based service, you can never figure out whether anyone passes the information provided to them to someone who isn’t a relevant individual for that piece of information. Using a virtual data room lets you control the factors like the permission to share, download and even take a screenshot of the data shared. While the data is displayed on their screen, you are the one to decide what they get to do with your business data.

Virtual data rooms provide you with real-time alerts for any minute changes in the stored data

Any changes made to the stored data can be updated in a real-time fashion when you’re using a virtual data room for storing your business data. This way you will be able to know if a person makes any changes, no matter how minute, to the information stored in these systems. These real-time alerts can come in handy when you want to ensure that every single alternation is informed to you as the owner of the business.

Thus, it becomes clear why paying the service fee for a secure virtual data room is worth it.