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Document Management for the 21st Century

In 1898, a young man named Edwin Seibels invented the vertical filing system used in filing cabinets. Filing cabinets have been a staple of homes and offices ever since. Once… Read more »
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3 Reasons to Trust Cloud Storage for Your Business

Cloud storage has gotten a bad rap in recent years. After Edward Snowden’s revelation of NSA spying and other recent incidents such as the Sony Pictures hack, many businesses worry… Read more »

10 Best, Lesser-Known Cloud Storage Products

With giants like Box and Dropbox looking to IPO in 2014, what are some alternative SaaS cloud storage products for entrepreneurs to consider who want to work with an up-and-comer… Read more »
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Business Cloud: Why You Should Store Your Files in the Cloud

Today, it’s impossible to escape from the cloud. Maybe that’s because cloud computing – or the cloud – has so much to offer businesses – if they decide to adopt… Read more »

Buffer No More: That’s What Streaming Video Is For

Back when streaming video first hit the Internet, it was no surprise when the viewer had to wait several minutes for a large data file to transfer. Faster Internet connections… Read more »

Storage Secrets for Small Business

A lot of time – and money – is wasted by small businesses when it comes to suitable storage. The issue of where to put things often arises at moments… Read more »

What is the Future for Cloud Storage?

Online storage providers offer a wide range of benefits to organizations, which include saving costs and increasing flexibility. But when consumers hear about data sovereignty issues, security breaches and the… Read more »