Business Cloud: Why You Should Store Your Files in the Cloud

Today, it’s impossible to escape from the cloud. Maybe that’s because cloud computing – or the cloud – has so much to offer businesses – if they decide to adopt it.

The recent advancements in Internet technology has opened up the ability to store things on something known as the cloud, an invisible yet tangible storage system that creates an easy way to manage your virtual life all in one spot. The cloud has risen in popularity as more and more people find themselves connected to the cloud 24/7.

cloud file storage
photo credit: FutUndBeidl

Want a proof? Please tell me – how many times do you switch off your smartphone in a week? Well, many – if not most – never turns off their mobile devices for weeks, even months.

The cloud is no longer only referring to services using cloud technologies to deliver features to end users; today, whenever you are using any electronic devices to connect with the web, you are practically in the cloud. When you use Gmail, you are using a cloud service. When you install an app from Appstore, you are accessing Apple’s cloud. In fact, the whole Internet is one, big cloud.

Now, for business, the cloud is an important breakthrough for many reasons. Let’s explore one of the most popular types of cloud service today: Cloud storage.

Storing your business data has never been easier

In business, one of the largest problems is file storage and sharing – something that is necessary in almost any work environment. If you think you might benefit by tidying up your computer and securing the all-important files to an off-premise location, then it may be time for you to start taking effective advantage of cloud storage.

If you need to store or send big files on a daily basis via the Internet, doing so efficiently can be a daunting process. Most online file storage and sharing services can auto-sync the files in your device with the cloud – no more manual file transfer.

Another major perk of cloud storage is the ability to share your files to your colleagues, partners, clients or everyone who has an access granted from you.

Perhaps the best perk of cloud storage is accessibility. You can practically access your content anywhere, from any devices you own – smartphones, tablet PCs, laptop and so on.

Cloud storage is rapidly replacing the need for USB devices, CDs, and external hard drives. Thanks to ever increasing Internet speeds and accessibility, you don’t have to worry about not being able to access the cloud, and with it you can turn any folder into a shared online workplace. You can invite people to view, edit, and upload files, as well as conduct discussions around any folder. Any one of these tasks can be accessed within seconds, often even with files that exceed a gigabyte in space. Using cloud storage can greatly streamline how you do work and completely change the concept of what and where a workplace is.

Data backup – on steroid

I’m sure you know that losing your sensitive data is the least thing you want. With all the hacking attempts on small business today, you need the cloud more than ever.

If you are still not sure about running your business from the cloud – no worries; you can use cloud storage as backup. While it may not solve all of your problems, effective use of cloud storage can remove a lot of the stress that comes from trying to find the file you knew you saved somewhere. Combined with a tablet or smartphone, it can be a way to take all those vital documents you have on your computer with you anywhere.

Are you cloud-empowered?