Why You Need to Include Videos in Your Digital Marketing Strategy

More brands are integrating videos into their digital marketing strategy so that they won’t be left behind. Online visitors need a break from text-based content as a significant number of them are visual learners.

The process of creating videos isn’t as daunting as several years ago. It’s not surprising that business owners use their laptops and smartphones to carry out the task. What you need to do well is ensuring that you define the purpose of each video and avoid starting without a realistic plan.

Video for digital marketing strategy

Here are the top reasons why video should be an intrinsic part of your online marketing plan.

Perfect for mobile

Webmasters understand the importance of designing a mobile-friendly and responsive website. Today’s consumers will rather watch videos on their handheld devices than on a PC. This makes it possible to reach a wider audience as time goes on. However, they are bound to move to your competitors if you fail to offer an outstanding user experience.

Highly engaging

Videos is a means for educating and entertaining your audience. You can reveal more information about your brand and what you have to offer. They will likely pay attention if you keep adding value to them. Always include a call to action in your videos.

Improves SEO

Almost every brand wants to appear on Google’s front page. Search engine holds video content in high regard due to their media-rich nature. Using videos on your landing page, blog posts and email campaigns is an effective way to drive traffic to your site and get more sales. Optimize your video by adding titles, the proper keywords, tags and meta descriptions for each one.

Increases ROI

A foolproof digital marketing strategy has the power to improve ROI over time. It’s not surprising that different brands notice positive changes in their ROI once they start using videos. They are always excited to create more as they have access to inexpensive video editing tools. Ensure that you measure your ROI based on relevant metrics.

Social media sharing

Easy to share

Online visitors won’t hesitate to share interesting and engaging videos with others. They usually share them on social media channels like Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. This can boost your online visibility and expose your brand to potential customers. There are many digital tools to automate this process.

Better conversion rate

Several brands are leveraging video content for conversion without much effort and keep getting impressive results. This tool can encourage visitors to spend more time on your site, thereby reducing the bounce rate. Endeavor to turn off autoplay on your landing page because most visitors find it annoying. Apart from converting quality leads to loyal customers, videos can be used for increasing customer retention.

Promotes brand trust

It’s obvious that many customers are no longer interested in online shopping due to their past experiences. Nevertheless, consider maximizing videos to allay their fears by giving them reasons to trust you. As time goes on, you will be able to establish an emotional connection with your customers if you do it right.