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How to Start a Miniature Golf Business: 5 Steps

While there are many fantastic businesses to operate in, not all are exciting or fun. If you are looking for a business which will help you generate regular income while knowing you help others to have a fantastic time, you will find that a miniature golf business is worth considering.

Indoor miniature golf course

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If you want to know how to start a miniature golf business, here are our 5 top steps:

  1. Research your business and create a business plan
  2. Obtain necessary permits, insurances and licences
  3. Invest in the best possible equipment and employees you can afford
  4. Promote your miniature golf business
  5. Stay on top of your finances and try to make good progress

Research your business and create a business plan

Even though a miniature golf business is likely to be fun, you need to make sure that you take it seriously. Therefore, you want to ensure that you research the sector and that you create a business plan that outlines how you expect the business to grow and develop.

While many businesses don’t develop exactly to plan, having a plan of growth and development for your business is a fantastic way of showing you have researched the market and that you are taking the role very seriously.

Obtain necessary permits, insurances and licences

You may be tempted to rush into setting up the course and promoting your business, but it is vital you take care of the administrative matters associated with a miniature golf business. It is likely that you will need to hold necessary permits, insurance and licences for your course.

Put these into place as soon as you can, and then you will have fewer things to worry about. Also, you will find that you shouldn’t operate without these elements, so you will need to have them in place as soon as possible.

Invest in the best possible equipment and employees you can afford

Even though you will likely want to watch your finances closely, you should invest what you can. The standard of equipment you offer customers and the quality of your employees will have an enormous impact on how people think about your firm.

Investing a bit more money and time at this stage may make a massive difference when it comes to pleasing customers and growing your business.

Family playing mini golf

photo credit: Joe Shlabotnik / Flickr

Promote your miniature golf business

Once you have everything in place for your business, it is vital that you promote the course. After all, if no one knows that you are open and offering miniature golf, they won’t turn up. Plonk Mini Golf is a notable example of a miniature golf business that has successfully promoted their activities to their local and wider audience.

Stay on top of your finances and try to make good progress

If you have achieved early success, congratulations, but this is just the beginning. You will find that you must stay on top of your finances, keep providing a fantastic service and aim to make as much progress as you can.

Some people will tell you that you need good luck to achieve success with a miniature golf course but by following these steps, you will increase your chances of business success.

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