10 Modern Marketing Tips for Real Estate Agents

The real estate market can be tough in any economy, worse nowadays when there’s so much competition. It’s not easy to sell something as big or as expensive as a house. If you’re looking for ways to get your real estate business off the ground, or just looking for a way to push your business ahead of the rest, then stick around because here are 10 great tips on marketing your business.

1. Spruce Up Your Ads

Ad copy for boosting real estate business

This might sound a bit redundant but because it’s such an obvious thing, it is quite often overlooked. In creating an ad for your business, use words that not only appeal to the buyer. These words are used to create eye catching headlines and also evoke an emotional response.

You’re selling a home, an office space, a celebration of family or successes, not just a building. Use relatable words and phrases. Use a bright and happy graphic design that jumps right off the page.

If you have the attention of your potential client or get them to fall in love with the description of a listing, then half the job is done.

2. The Standout Star

When advertising a house, use a unique word or decoration as the focal point of the paragraph or the ad for the listing. Most potential clients will get bombarded with ads for houses all over the place. The key is to make yours one of a kind.

Employ the sneaky yet successful tactics of guerrilla advertising. If you pick, say an art piece that stands out, your potential client would find themselves advertising the house for you by randomly bringing it up in conversation with other potential clients. That does half your job for you already. Make your listing memorable.

3. Use Zillow

In the Internet age most of the shopping is done online at the click of a button. Though buying a house is not like buying a dress, a lot of people still shop for houses online, a number that is increasing daily. Zillow is the largest real estate website. It usually has visits and hits of about one hundred and sixty million people. That’s a really big audience to get your business out to.

The site guarantees for every dollar you spend, you could make twice that in commissions. If you think it’s too good to be true, then check out the website and see for yourself.

4. Social Media

social media for real estate businesses
The Internet is a great part of modern society. Ignoring such a huge tool would be a grievous error in judgement. Create interactive pages on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and all other social media.

Start an Instagram page will have contact details of your company and listing details. Update the page with pictures of your most recent listing, grouping the pictures in slides that could easily be viewed in one post. Use the live and story features on both Instagram and Facebook to take your clients on a video tour of the listing, the possibilities are endless and free!

5. Post-Sale Follow Up

Handwritten thank you notes, napkins, customised baskets of housewarming gifts, even a phone call or email inquiring how move is going will go a long way. As a real estate agent, the sale should not be the end point to all communication with the client. A gesture of kindness could go a long to convincing your client that they made the right the right decision not only on the building but also for using your services. It also means that they might be more likely to recommend you to another potential client.

6. Build an Eye-catching Website

If you’re not a fan of online market places or social media, this could be another option for you. Build a website that best suits your Real Estate Agency and the quality you’re trying to portray.

Make sure the website has a comprehensive listing of all your properties and pictures. Also make sure your website is easy to navigate. Update the website from time to time on your current listings and remove the ones that have been sold off. If at anytime, your services expand to other real estate services add those too.

The great thing about a website is that there are no limitations on what can be put up there.

7. Get Creative

Get creative to boost real estate sales

About thirty five percent of people or clients buying houses right now are millennials. This generation of people have been constantly bombarded with information from a young age and chances are if you weren’t born in that era, you don’t speak their language. This is where originality and creativity becomes key. In order to make your real estate agency stand out, get creative.

Offer free interior decorating classes with a sale, get a virtual set up of open houses with 3d cameras, get unique and interesting infomercials on YouTube, etc. The point is to simply think outside the box in a way that still represents your agency.

8. Re-brand

Realtor rebranding
photo credit: Realtor Action Center / Flickr

This could be just as easy as creating an attractive logo for your brand or re-working the outlook and interface of your website. A new look will often go a long way in rejuvenating your business. Think of new ways to describe your listings while remaining true to the integrity of the building. It might get potential clients to go back to take a second look. All your agency might need is a face lift.

9. Customer Feedback

Customer feedback crucial to real estate businesses.

After a house sale, always request a customer feedback. You could easily create a questionnaire or a quick form to be filled. Let your customer honestly tell you where you got it exactly right, where you were what they were looking for and what areas you could improve on. Take that constructive criticism, use it and make your agency shine.

10. Advertise to the Right Crowd

Buildings are not like other consumables. They don’t sell to everyone. Do your research. Known what kind of house, what kind of price range, what kind of neighbourhood or price range appeals to your clientele. So you know exactly what to push in your prospective client’s direction. In creating awesome house flipping business plans, knowledge will always be your greatest weapon.

Follow these tips and you’ll find your real estate agency shining like the diamond it is.