Great Gifts for Entrepreneurs

Whether you have an entrepreneur friend, a fellow entrepreneur, or you are giving a gift to an entrepreneur, it can be hard to know what to get them. Gifts already are tough, but what to get someone that enjoys taking charge and going out on their own? That is why we created a list of different gifts for entrepreneurs. Some are the ideas are great because you can customize them. You can make it personalized by adding their name or their business. Some are just generic ideas which are also great if you are in a rush.

11 gifts for entrepreneur

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1. Customized socks

Who wouldn’t love a pair of custom socks? You can even ensure the sock color is the the entrepreneur’s favorite color or the brand color of their business. If it’s a friend you can always add a joke or their business on it. Whatever you decide, customized socks are a great option for entrepreneurs out there.

2. Signs

There are so many sign options out there to choose from. If you know what their office looks like (or their at home office), you can make one that goes right with the decor in it. You can always make a funny one such as “Enter at your own risk, entrepreneur hard at work!” You could have their name carved on the sign, again, you could put their business, or it could be an enter sign for their office. The design options are unlimited depending your relationship with the entrepreneur.

3. Notebook

A notebook or planner for the upcoming year is always something a busy entrepreneur needs. They may even use a couple so it’s okay if they already have one. Make sure to get it for the upcoming year and not the year you already are in. This will ensure they don’t already have one.

gifts for entrepreneurs

4. Coffee

Most busy business people love coffee. It really does get them through the day. If you know the entrepreneur loves coffee, there are great gifts associated with coffee to get them. You can prepare a customized coffee basket with their favorite assortment of coffees, a mug with a saying about being an entrepreneur, and throw in a couple a couple chocolate bars or fruit around the outside of the basket. It’s a simple gift that they really will use that didn’t take you too long as all to put together.

5. Signs

Most people love inspirational quotes. Since entrepreneurs are so inspired people, they tend to like them even more. If you know the entrepreneur loves inspirational quotes (or if you know the exact quote), create them a sign or purchase one. You can even make it a customized sign by having their business font be used in the letters. What a perfect sign for their office.

6. Notepads and pens

Every entrepreneur has ideas. They may have them while they are sitting there watching television or in the kitchen, however most entrepreneurs have them at the most random times. Get them a couple different notepads and pens to put in various places around their house. You can make it personalized by engraving their name into the pen or adding an inspirational quote. There also are pads that are waterproof to put into the shower. It may sound silly, but maybe that’s actually where the entrepreneur has their best ideas. They can write them down quickly and continue on with their shower. It’s a very thoughtful and entrepreneur inspired gift.

7. Luggage tags

Many entrepreneurs love to travel. Whether this is traveling to grow their business or they are able to bring their work on the road with them, traveling typically is part of the entrepreneurial spirit. Because of this, a great customized gift is luggage tags. You can easily create one for them with either an entrepreneur quote, inspirational quote, or a picture you know they will love on the other side.

custom luggage tag

8. Books

Books are always an easy go-to for entrepreneurs. Many entrepreneurs not only love to read, but they love reading success stories and getting inspired. There are so many books out there to choose from. If you Google books for entrepreneur choose a couple of those, but also if the entrepreneur has a specific niche, that may be a great idea too.

9. Headphones

Remember, the entrepreneur has a personal life too. If they have children sometimes work can be tough to concentrate on. One great is noise cancelling headphones. This will allow them to play music, jump on a work call, or listen to their favorite podcast all without being interrupted at all.

10. Subscriptions

If you know the entrepreneur loves podcasts or some other source, you could purchase their subscription for the following year. There are lots of subscription sites they would probably love and utilize. Even music is great for the background of their office. Try and pick one you know the entrepreneur already likes or would love according to their personality.

spotify subscription a great gift for entrepreneurs

11. Pet gifts

Finally, if you are simply unsure of what to get the entrepreneur there are always small gestures to say thank you. Even though many people see a gift card as unpersonalized, they will be able to pick out exactly what they want with it. If the entrepreneur has a dog, you can always try and get something customized or specific for their dog. Dog owners love when you remember their dog and incorporate it into their gifts.


Presents can be a difficult task, however try and think of what the entrepreneur really enjoys and what they would use. Try not to overthink the gift, they will probably love anything you give them, however, a small touch that you know them or that you went out of your way to customize something really shows you appreciate them. We hope our list helped, good luck!