4 Tips for Creating a Kickass Crunchbase Profile

If you’re not on Crunchbase yet, what’s stopping you?

Crunchbase is an online business database and networking platform. It features company profiles, industry trends, news on upcoming startups and established companies. It’s an excellent platform to connect with venture capitalists and other entrepreneurs while increasing your exposure online.

CrunchBase logo

Let’s face it; publicity is a good thing in business. More people learning about you and your business translates to higher chances of landing more deals and attracting the right partnerships.

Crunchbase elevates your online presence helping you connect with the right people. To do so, however, you must make a great impression. That’s why we’ve compiled this list of the top tricks to help you create an impressive profile.

Fill out the whole profile

You won’t reap the benefits if your profile is a ghost town. Prospects need to know what you do and what your company’s work. What product, service or skills do you bring to the table?

Noteworthy Crunchbase profiles feature some of the following sections:


The overview is one of the most critical items on your Crunchbase profile. Write a bold opening statement that grabs readers attention and succinctly describes your business. Keep it concise. You don’t want to leave prospects guessing what you or your company does. Check out this profile by David Mimran that captures all the relevant details while remaining concise and straightforward.

Crunchbase guidelines suggest you use the third person when writing the overview. Instead of “Our Company,” use “Company Name.” Also, include links to your website, Linkedin, Twitter, Facebook, etc.

Company details

Give prospects an in-depth look at your business and professional history. What problems do you solve for customers? What makes you uniquely good at it? It’s acceptable to information on founder(s), subsidiaries, management biographies, etc.

Keep it professional

Your profile represents you to prospects on the internet. Journalists, prospective investors, potential business partners, competitors and even employees check your CrunchBase profile. Keep it simple and professional. Save your fun side for other less formal social platforms. Include a company branded email address too. Generic email addresses just won’t cut it here especially if you need people to take you seriously.

Be strategic in using visuals

Visuals and images set you apart from the competition. They spice things up and keeps prospects engaged. For personal profiles, use a high-quality professional headshot, no selfies! Business profiles can utilize a logo that is consistent across your online brand. Humans are visual beings. Visual content, especially online, lends authenticity and helps prospects relate better to your business.

Noobpreneur profile on Crunchbase

Update your profile regularly

Your Crunchbase profile is only useful if it’s up to date and gives prospects the most recent and relevant information. Invest the time to update it frequently. Add any recent news, product launches, new services, management changes, company size numbers, etc.

A kickass Crunchbase profile will improve your visibility online and opens up a wide range of opportunities. It helps you connect with the people and information you need to thrive. Make it exceptional and watch your fortunes change for the better.