Dan Holzmann Says Goodbye to Juice Plus

Renowned for having introduced the world to Juice Plus, Dan Holzmann surprised everyone by his decision to leave the company that he revolutionized from inside out. Joining it in 1993, Juice Plus only had four employees in with Dan Holzmann working in the warehouse.

In just three short years, Holzmann rose to the position of the master distributor by 1996 for the DA and CH region of the company. His hard work, zeal and drive were among the biggest differentiating factors which showed that Holzmann was destined for bigger things.

Dan Holzmann, Juice Plus
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By 2012, this had become evident as Dan Holzmann became the CEO and the President of Juice Plus. By this time, Juice Plus had also flourished under his leadership and became operational in four different continents and in over 25 different countries. Juice Plus is a health and wellness company which offers premium quality dietary supplements.

Formulated with the highest standards, the capsule gives you all the goodness of vegetables and fruits in one powerful, concentrated capsule. In fact, the capsule contains essential phytonutrients, vitamins and minerals which one could get when consuming vegetables and fruits. The supplements are available for adults with a special formula developed for kids. Clinical studies and research also supports this claim.

In fact, the DNA protection that Juice Plus offers has been tested. Regular consumption showcased that middle-aged people can reduce damage on a cellular level by 7% to 12% with the help of Juice Plus over a period of 60 days. Children can cut down the damage by 44% when consuming Juice Plus for 77 days whereas the elderly can experience damage reduction by as much as 66% when taking Juice Plus for 80 days.

Regular consumption of Juice Plus is said to improve your heart health, enhance the function of the immune system and also mitigate the harmful effects of oxidative stress. With Dan Holzmann as the CEO, the company has slowly enhanced its products to deliver results and be available to a large consumer market that is spread across the globe.

Dan Holzmann Says Goodbye to Juice Plus

Holzmann’s journey with Juice Plus is finally coming to an end after 25 long years. The humble CEO has cited family commitments as a major reason behind his decision to resign. He’s stated that he wishes to help in the upbringing of his children, who he hopes will be great individuals. He’s also resigning from his position in Supervisory Board.

Additionally, he has also expressed a desire to invest his time and energy in new ventures and be in control of his own schedule. After 25 years with the company, it is easy to understand that he’s gotten tired of having his days filled with planning daily operations for the company. The decision to leave Juice Plus was announced in October 2018 through a detailed Facebook Post.

Dan Holzmann’s Journey with Juice Plus

Dan Holzmann’s voyage with Juice Plus has been a long one and has been littered with successes and valuable lessons. In fact, Holzmann established his own website where he shared his experience, his lessons and other skills with others who learned a lot from him. A humble and down to earth individual, even as the CEO of Juice Plus, many people have admired his ability to work well with others.

Even while bidding farewell, Dan Holzmann reminded his partners and team members to continue working strongly and harmoniously together. This very quality is the reason why Juice Plus become a global name. As the CEO and the President of the business’ Europe division, Holzmann is attributed for having contributed a lot to the company’s success.

His humble attitude is one which earned him several admirers both in his professional circle and elsewhere. With Dan Holzmann’s help, Juice Plus grew from being a small, single, direct selling-based operation to one that’s now global. It has become nothing short of a multi-million dollar institute. Tapping into the growing wellness and health business was not easy and Holzmann shared his own fair share of challenges and hurdles.

The best part is that Holzmann’s drive for producing a quality product extended to the company’s practices. In a bid to show just how good Juice Plus is for the consumer, the company invested in conducting clinical studies which support the health benefits that the product offers. The results of these studies proved to be extremely favorable and introduced a new area where Juice Plus could invest their efforts into.

As a result, as many as 34 different clinical studies were introduced that highlighted the benefits one could get when they consume Juice Plus on a regular basis for an extended period of time. Investing in clinical studies also adhered with Dan Holzmann’s need to produce a product which was of the highest quality and delivers what it claims.

Dan Holzmann speaks at Vision 2020
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Dan Holzmann’s Philosophy

Holzmann has the love and respect of people in his industry and his peers because of his approach to business and his unwavering dedication to doing his best. His passion for business has always been the main driving force which has pushed him to excel and produce better results. Emphasizing teamwork, Holzmann has always treated his co-workers like family which has helped him build a strong team.

His need to help people all across the world is embodied in the work he’s done with Juice Plus. Hailed as a global business leader, Dan Holzmann’s dedication is rightfully praised. He took responsibility of his actions which is one of the main reasons why he was able to contribute so much to the company’s growth.

As he steps out on his own, it is natural to mourn his presence at the helm of Juice Plus. But knowing Dan Holzmann, this isn’t an ending at all. It’s the start of a new chapter – a new adventure – and we can still expect to see good and great things from him.