6 Tips To Help You Deal With Starting Up With A Modest Fashion Company

Every month, brand new fashion labels hit the shelves. More and more entrepreneurs are looking to leverage the potentials in the modest fashion industry, but getting the right branding and packaging seems to be a hard nut to crack. While the modest fashion market remains largely fertile, it is still relatively untapped.

What can you do to scale up your modest fashion company?

Modest fashion models

Personalized Customer Engagement

Customer engagement separates good businesses from great ones. The best way to relate with your target audience is by personalizing your services. How so? Designer Safiya Abdullah, owner of fashion label Dulce, says she only enjoyed the most engagement with her audience on social media when she made posts of herself on her Instagram account.

Giving your company a ‘human face’ helps you better connect with your target audience, understand their needs, and satisfy them in the best way possible.

Fashion Events

Modest fashion shows offer labels and designers a great opportunity to build their brand. Events like the Dubai Modest Fashion Week and the recently introduced London Modest Fashion Week are very important especially at a time when the Muslim women today feel as though they have no voice and they are oppressed. But you could do even more!

Hosting your own fashion show is a great way to reach out to your target audience. Your modest fashion company could work in affiliation with another brand or host an event of its own. For instance, luxury car brands like Mini Cooper and Mercedes host and sponsor events with other fashion brands. But as a start-up, you can project your business by hosting a small fashion event locally and have it broadcasted on your social media channels. These shows help to highlight the direction your fashion label is headed and is an effective way to position yourself in the fashion industry. Not only do modest fashion events set brands up for success, they help create an identity for today’s modest-wear woman.

Get a Kick-Ass Logo

One of the most effective measures for brand recognition for any fashion business is the company logo. Before anything else, a potential customer identifies with the logo of the company– even before the clothing line comes the mind. The logo is the face of your business. Based on your ideal audience, which will consider factors like age, sex, and geographical location, the logo of your brand should be designed. For instance.

Most importantly, however, understand your market before contracting your logo design to anyone. For instance, sports fashion brands have the simplest but most iconic logos today. On the other hand, high-end fashion labels like Louis Vuitton and Gucci have more elaborate and detailed logo designs. Hence, it is ideal that you take the modest fashion market into consideration before setting up your company logo.

Modest fashion shop owner talking with a customer

Keep Your Customers Informed of Offers and Discounts

As a modest fashion brand that is just making its entry into the market, discounts and promotional offers are always welcome, especially if your products are trendy too. However, your potential customers will only know about these offers if they are communicated the right way.

Emailers is the best way to reach your target clients with these offers. But you need to ensure you do not send too many emailers so you don’t end up getting blocked.

There is always an excuse for promotional offers, so this should not worry you so much since there is a day dedicated to one person or another every month of the year.

Online Store

Setting up an online store today is as easy as ABC. A good quality brand website can spell the difference between an average modest fashion company and a great one. From trendy scarves to customized clothing pieces that are in your clothing line, you can sell anything on your online store. You can achieve this by working with a courier company that can manage your demands so your clients can receive their orders well on time.

Create a Unique Selling Point

The biggest mistake new modest fashion entrepreneurs make is the failure to market themselves by owning a tagline or style that stands out and instead follow the everyday trend. Truth is, if you follow fashion brands who set up for temporary business, your significance will soon die off after a season.

Armed with all of the new above-mentioned strategies, it is essential to ensure you are well prepared before investing in the modest fashion market. While the industry remains largely untapped, it is only savvy entrepreneurs that will reap from the increasing financial power in the modest fashion market.