How To Design Your Team Uniform For 2019

You only get one chance to make a first impression, which is why it’s so important to choose your team’s uniform wisely. In many circumstances your staff are the face of your company so make sure you’re impressing your customers with smart and stylish work wear that’s practical and affordable.

Read below for handy tips to consider when making that crucial decision.

Company uniform


It’s key to keep your company’s brand name in mind when designing your employee’s uniform. You’ll also need to think about colour and style that tell your customers with one glance what your company is all about.

Subtle design choices can have a big impact on how people view your brand so consider whether it’s geared towards professionals or maybe more skilled tradesmen then make sure you uniform choice reflect this. You could go with some embroidered shirts with your company’s logo on or maybe a colourful shirt and trouser combo depending on who your customers are.

Don’t forget the finishing touches, name badges or hats maybe be a perfect addition to your employee’s uniform that could make them stand out from the competition.


Above all your uniform choice has to be practical. Consider what different fabrics there are to choose from- Do your employees work outdoors? If so, maybe a lightweight but durable fabric would be most suitable. Also think about their role- Will your employees need any high visibility fabrics so they’re safe on site or an overall with lots of pockets to increase productivity?

A great way to determine exactly what your staff need from their uniform is to ask them. They’ll know what will work for them and what will be most comfortable- they may even have some ideas that you’ve not even considered yet.

Warehouse workers wearing uniform


The longer a uniform lasts the less you’ll have to replace it. Choosing a high quality uniform that’s robust and durable will save you money in the long run. This will also prevent your staff from looking shabby and tatty.

Also think about seasonal changes to your uniforms that may make them last longer and plan for this in advance. If you have staff who work outside, do you need to consider purchasing thermals for the winter? If you do this in advance it will save panic buying and save you money in the long run.


Channeling your brand colours through your employee’s uniform is a great way to help your staff look part of the business and make them visible to your customers. On some occasions the colour of your brand or logo may not translate well on to their uniform so it’s important to remember that bright and colourful logos look better on more neutral fabrics and will make them stand out and be easier to recognise by customers.

It’s also important to consider how colours affect people’s psyche and mood and how you can use this to your advantage. Bright colours, for example, like red and yellow easily draw people’s attention and are uplifting. These colours are ideal for people who work with children, in a nursery perhaps as they also make staff easily identifiable. On the other hand, soft green tones are ideal for front of house staff in restaurants as they will add to the calm and relaxed atmosphere that you are trying to create.


Regardless of which type of business you own its key to choose the right uniform for your staff that promotes your brand whilst keeping your staff happy and, therefore, increasing productivity. Considering the points above will remove the stress from this crucial decision and ensure your staff are positively promoting your brand whilst at work.