3 Tips for Looking Great in Your Work Uniform

We all know that how we look isn’t the highest priority when it comes to work uniforms. Functionality, company representation and safety are far more important, there’s no arguing that. Still, wouldn’t it be nice to keep all of those incredibly important factors in place while also not feeling about as appealing as a sack of potatoes?

Whether you spend your day in scrubs, overalls, an apron or a company-issued polo shirt, it’s possible to spruce your work uniform up a bit either for day-to-day work, networking or important events. By doing this you’re sure to make a better impression on customers as well as your bosses, while also boosting your own confidence. After all, no one is there best selves when they’re feeling frumpy – you want to shine bright and hopefully, these tips will help you.

Company event uniform
photo credit: UW Health / Flickr

Work Within the Rules

Before making any major changes to your work uniform or buying new gear, make sure you are completely familiar with your workplace’s dress code. It’s completely unreasonable to turn up in jeans or joggers as you have to keep the company’s mandated uniform but there will be some changes you can make. For example, if no specific colour is listed when it comes to your uniform you can pick something in a colour that compliments you. Alternatively, the colour may be the only thing that’s specified but not the material, texture or cut so you can work with that.

If you are able to buy your own uniform, there are even more options. If you’re a mechanic or work in a similar profession where overalls, sturdy work boots other specialised attire are needed you could try a retailer like engelbert strauss. There’s a whole range of uniform options ranging in colours, materials, fits and so on, all of which are functional as well as flattering. The store is great for those who work outdoors as well, as there’s a huge FIBERTWIN warmth and function section full of sporty fleece jackets and work gloves that put even the best company-issued workman’s gloves to shame.

There are even more stores to choose from if you wear simple office attire, so try looking on sites such as Who What Wear for some more inspiration.

Make Sure It Fits

Things get a little trickier if you have to wear a company polo shirt or overalls that are handed to you and there are no alternatives. This is often the case at fast food joints and other customer-facing, front-of-house professions.

Still, all hope is not lost. If this is the situation you find yourself in then all you have to do is make sure you have the gear that fits you right. For women, this means picking the size that ensures the bust sits comfortably between your shoulders and elbows, without any buttons gaping. For men, exactly two fingers should fit between the neck and collar. A shirt should always fit nicely on the arms without being billowy, while the torso should be flush to your shape. If you can make sure you get the right fit, you’ll look and feel instantly better.


Take Care of Your Work Gear

When you’re issued work gear or the stuff you’ve bought yourself gets covered in muck from a hard day’s labour, it can be tempting to just sling them on the floor at night. After all, you’ll only be picking them up to put them back on in a few hours after you’ve slept. This can quickly make your clothes far less appealing though, especially if they aren’t washed regularly.

Instead of simply chucking your work trousers and shirt to the side, try to make sure it is clean, ironed, fresh and crisp. As for work boots and shoes, make sure they’re as spruced and polished as possible. You wouldn’t go out in unclean, messy clothes at the weekend, so your work uniform should be treated with the same respect, if not more.


Turn these tips into habits that you keep and we guarantee you’ll start feeling smarter while at work, impressing your customers, your boss and, most importantly, yourself. Trust us, once you start feeling good at work the whole experience is sure to be more enjoyable.