How Important is It for Employees to Wear Branded Clothing?

What you’re expected to wear to work will certainly depend on the type of job you do. While those in the food preparation industry will usually be required to put on aprons, hats, or hair nets, those working in an office may just have ‘formal attire’ as a guide. The question is, how important is it for employees to wear branded clothing from the likes of Brosch Direct? Does it affect how they perform and can it improve the reputation of an organisation? Let’s take a closer look:

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A sense of belonging and equality

There’s no doubt about it, wearing branded clothing to work can certainly give staff members a sense of belonging. The idea is that, when they pull on those clothes, they not only feel part of a team but also share a feeling of commonness and responsibility and this can help them to perform better in their given role.

What’s more, uniforms can also bring about a feeling of family and equality with everyone striving to make the brand they work for more successful than ever. Of course, uniforms might differ slightly depending on job roles, with a chef wearing black and white chequered trousers and a waitress wearing a black skirt and white shirt – but this also ensures people are instantly recognisable and can help with order, structure and discipline at work.

Branded clothing as a perk

When offered a job, you’re sure to feel a sense of pride – particularly if you’ve worked hard to get it. Beating the competition and getting employed is no easy task, with many companies putting candidates through their paces before hiring, so being given a uniform is often considered a perk. If you want to become an air steward/stewardess, for instance, not only do you have to meet all the physical requirements of the job, you also need to pass specific training courses. Manage to do this? Then sure, you’re likely to wear your uniform with a sense of pride as it’s a reflection of your skills and dedication as much as a symbol of the company you’re working for.

Hello Kitty Eva Air flight attendant
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Brand awareness

If you’re looking to improve the brand awareness of your business, getting staff to wear a uniform with your logo could work wonders. Dressing everyone in your company colours is a great way to promote your organisation and will leave customers in no doubt as to who works for you and who doesn’t. A word of warning though: If your staff members are representing your brand, you must make it very clear what they can and can’t do in uniform as you don’t want your name to be tarnished by any unsuitable activities.

While some people claim uniform suppresses creativity and imagination, there are many benefits to including your logo on professional clothing. When thinking about how to dress your employees, however, make sure you choose attire which is comfortable, practical and most of all safe. Once this is done it’s easy to add branding details.