5 Hidden Benefits of Company Uniforms for your Business

Today, many businesses use staff uniforms to stand out from competitors and project a professional image. However, as well as creating a polished company persona, there are a number of lesser known advantages associated with corporate clothing that could help to boost your bottom line.

To save you from missing out on these profit-enhancing opportunities, here are five hidden benefits of company uniforms you may have overlooked.

Apple employees wearing black uniform
photo credit: Mike Hoff / Flickr

1. Increased productivity

Employees who wear uniforms can have a greater sense of responsibility in their jobs, and this may lead to increased levels of productivity. When wearing branded clothing, your staff will feel like representatives of your company, which can in turn make them more conscious of their actions and encourage better performance.

One simple way to customise your company garments is to take advantage of the bespoke embroidery or printing services available from sites such as firelabel.co.uk. By incorporating your logo or brand tagline into your staff uniforms, you stand to enhance the ‘company ambassador’ effect even more.

2. Better customer service

Having your workforce wear a uniform can help customers to quickly identify employees when they require assistance. This can be especially important in customer-facing work, such as restaurants, hotels and retail shops. It can also make workers appear more professional and knowledgeable so that customers feel more assured about approaching them and asking for help. This can lead to greater customer satisfaction and enhance your company image.

3. Enhanced collaboration

Uniforms can help create a sense of unity between colleagues, which can boost collaboration and worker morale. Clothing is often seen as being representative of social standing, which has the potential to create tension between coworkers. Removing this social barrier and having your personnel wear the same clothing regardless of their position within the company helps to put everyone on an equal level. This can foster a greater sense of camaraderie and strengthen colleague relationships.

Jelly Belly employees wearing uniform
photo credit: Jelly Belly Candy Company / Flickr

4. Improved health and safety

For many industries, uniforms can have functional benefits and are an important part of health and safety in the workplace. For example, high-risk occupations, such as jobs in the construction industry, may require specialist workwear to safeguard employees. Flame resistant, high-visibility and other specialist clothing can reduce the number of accidents and injuries at work and allow employees to carry out their jobs with the peace of mind that comes from knowing their wellbeing is protected.

5. Free marketing

When your personnel wear uniforms in public, your business is effectively benefiting from free marketing. Well designed outfits that include corporate colours and branding enable the employee to become an advertisement for your products and services at no extra cost. Even when staff are outside of company premises, such as on their lunch break or commuting to and from work, they are promoting your brand and exposing your business to potential new customers.

So if you’re looking to raise your profile, boost worker performance and increase your profits, now might be the time to introduce uniforms into your business.