Maison De Haj CCO Elhadji Gueye Discusses How COVID-19 Is Changing Style

Fashion has always been a testament to humanity’s growth. Industry mover and Chief Creative Officer and Chief Executive Officer of global fashion enterprise Maison de Haj Elhadji Gueye shares his thoughts on how the global health crisis is changing style.

The industry veteran shares that fellow designers and fashion houses are addressing the lack of protective masks by using their materials to create their own. With the use of high-quality fibers and other materials, these masks are good enough to protect people when they go out of their homes.

COVID-19-inspired face mask fashion
photo credit: Vera Davidova / Unsplash

Regarding the process, Elhadji Gueye shares, “The opportunity is in the materials and details. Right now, I am focused on three materials: Custom suiting material, cotton/canvas, and lightweight linens with the option to personalize with company logos or monogram initials. There are mask designs for business environments, whether it be an office, industrial, technical, medical, or the larger service industries.

There are grey and blue linens for casual looks and even shimmery linens for evening looks.” He emphasizes, “The mandate is natural, breathable materials that are washable and durable.” While his company has always made sustainable choices, he is pleased with the industry’s desire to alter their production processes to contribute to the well-being of many.

The global fashion enterprise’s head sees that the face mask will be an integral part of a person’s outfit. As fashion has always been a means for self-expression and as a response to changes in history, he believes that many will include the masks in their desire to show their personal style.

In the current situation, Elhadji Gueye believes that fashion can be used to bring positivity. To him, fashion can bring social wellness. As a person who helps many people cultivate their personal style and impactful presence, he believes that the way a person dresses can help them become confident as they face the world. And during these times of anxiety and uncertainty, people need something that can boost their morale.

Social distancing fashion trends
photo credit: Trend Hunter

But while people are using fashion as a means for self-expression, Elhadji Gueye says that he sees a return to timeless design. According to the thought leader, “Timeless design means all styles across time are relative if incorporated into simple classic forms and patterns.” The bespoke garment designer adds, “As a personal brand consultant, I design wardrobes that support the natural palette and personality of the client so that they can perform at their best. The clothing is the supporting act to the impactful presence of the individual, not the focus of their presence.”

Despite the protective measures in place, Elhadji Gueye sees a way for fashion to respond to the “new normal.” He contemplates, “Social distancing has created a quiet, reflective mood where we are relating less to the social cues around us, but as we begin to increase our social interactions it will be important to remember the opportunity that exists in how we dress and the impact of our personal presence.” He adds, “This a time to show up at your best not only to motivate yourself, as well as those you come into contact with. We need that energy and vibe, and we take that good vibe wherever we go, and in any room we enter.”