What Is Medical Indemnity Insurance?

Medical indemnity insurance is a very specific area of insurance. It relates to what’s known as malpractice within the medical profession. From accidents to mistakes and virtually any other incident when negligence from a medical practitioner can be proven; medical indemnity insurance will be required in order to pay the compensation requested by the claimant.

Doctor on the job

Mistake happens

Let’s face it, people are only human. Even with the best training in the world, the best experience possible, accidents will always happen and mistakes will always be made. With our society appearing to be taking lead from countries like the United States and becoming more litigious, it’s never been more important that medical practitioners guard against the risk of legal action.

If even the legal action in question reveals itself to be void, the legal fees defending one’s self can escalate quickly, resulting in extraordinarily expensive costs. It’s for reasons such as this that medical indemnity insurance is so important for a myriad of medical professionals.

Many consider medical indemnity insurance to be slightly unusual when compared to other forms of professional indemnity insurance. The reason being, that claims don’t often surface until quite some time after the incident in question. This is simply down to the fact that symptoms may not develop until a while after or become exacerbated until a period of time after. It may also be the case that it takes some time to investigate and determine the actual cause.

Servca a London based broker at Lloyd’s, have been providing cost-effective medical indemnity insurance to a wide range of medical professionals for a number of years. From cardiologist to cosmetic, dental to locum, our medical indemnity insurances are specific to your discipline and provide the cover needed to carry out your role with peace of mind and more importantly, without the worry about the risk of litigation.

Who Needs Medical Indemnity Insurance?

Medical indemnity insurance is a subject that all medical professionals should be very familiar with. If it isn’t, it should be. Even if you find yourself working in a rather obscure field, where you believe it shouldn’t affect you, it can and it will.

Medical indemnity insurance is cover for absolutely anyone that finds themselves delivering medical treatment, be it emergency life saving treatment or minor first aid. From nurses to dentists, front line doctors to therapists and psychologists, medical indemnity insurance is needed.

With medical indemnity insurance, you can rest assured knowing you’re protected from the possibility of costly litigation in the event of malpractice action brought against you by a patient, client or even an agent working on their behalf. Medical indemnity insurance applies to treatment provided within a professional capacity.

This can be inside of a hospital or doctor’s surgery, where you may already be covered by an employer’s medical indemnity insurance however, it can also apply to vital first aid delivered outside of the workplace.

Medical specialist helping injured man

Medical Indemnity Outside Of The Workplace

It’s a common occurrence that a medical professional may at times be called upon to deliver vital first aid outside of the workplace. It may be that the first aid delivered is outside of that medical practitioners particular field of expertise. This could be delivering vital first aid at the scene of an incident where medical professionals find themselves a passer-by.

One single incident or mistake at a time like this could ruin an entire career when not properly insured. Thankfully, medical indemnity insurance will ensure you’re covered at an incident like this, making this type of insurance an absolute necessity for any healthcare professional.

Medical Indemnity Insurance By Servca

Servca, have been providing medical indemnity insurance for a variety of medical professionals since 2011. They are a London based brokers that specialises in arranging bespoke cover for professional organisations as well as individuals to ensure everyone is covered when and where necessary.