Digital Magazines Vs. Printed Magazines: Can They Coexist?

Between online magazine and printed magazine, which do you think is the “king” when it comes to advertising? Both serve an important purpose to the readers.

For the past years, people rely on printed magazines to get updated about the recent local and international news, jobs, and more. Hence, advertisers take advantage of it to make their brand extensively known. Not until the digital world enters the scene.

Reading printed magazine

Printed magazines are still popular these days. However, as we see it, digital magazines are much more preferred due to its various benefits. You no longer have to walk distances just to buy a newspaper or magazine nearby. With laptop and internet connection, all of the information you need is at your fingertips.

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Benefits that digital magazines have over print

The reading habits of people have changed with the advent of the internet, besides the arrival of smartphones, kindles, tablet, etc. These devices have transformed how we view literature on the web, making it more portable and accessible than before.

1. Reach global audience

Especially to those who own a business and want to expand their reach, an online magazine is such a huge help! Web magazines have the capacity to reach readers on a global scale. They have the power to keep the interest and loyalty of readers, regardless of who they are and where they are.

2. Convenient

Readers find it very convenient to access an online magazine at the comfort of their own home or office. They will not only able to read certain topics or contents of their desired but purchase new magazines or subscriptions quickly as well.

3. Quick publishing and distribution

Online magazines reach the audience in just a minimal amount of time. You can get the edition on the same day it is distributed. No more dull lines of buying to your area!

4. Easy sharing

What’s more, digital magazines are share-ability. About 95% of consumers between 18 and 34 years old are more likely to follow a brand through social media. Businesses can take advantage of it to earn the loyalty of customers. Here, you can convince your readers or audience to share your content thru social media.

Woman reading digital magazine

5. Tremendous interactivity

A printed ad magazine can be limited. You cannot identify any interactivity options. But with online ad magazines, there are lots of options to choose from! Video, music, animation, long content – name it!

6. Generate revenue

There are several online monetization techniques in which companies or advertisers can potentially make more revenues, and you have to adopt them. Why not add third-party ads or native ads to your website? Otherwise, collaborate with many organizations as you can to obtain through affiliate links.

7. Better customer service

Improve on the online comments or feedbacks of your clients to better serve them. Take a time to respond to their online requests, such as for buying a subscription and new magazines.

8. Save money

Most of all, going digital means saving money. Creating a magazine, paying for the printed magazines, and promoting your publication are some of the costs you’ll need to consider in the intricate process of getting your magazine on the newsstands.

Web magazines are not a threat to printed magazines

Contrary to some beliefs, digital magazines do not replace printed magazines. There is a room for both. As a matter of fact, a report says a large percentage of individuals who like reading magazines on smartphones or computer still want a printed copy.

So, are you ready to go digital?