Some Incredible Villa Rentals For A Corporate Retreat

A great corporate retreat should be about teamwork, innovation, strategy and team building. It should be enjoyable, fun and productive and not something your employees dread. Quite the opposite, it should be something they look forward to and can’t wait to do each year.

If you want to get the most out of a corporate retreat, there is no better option then renting a private villa where you have space, privacy and comfort to both enjoy your surroundings but also where you can brainstorm and strategize for the year ahead.

Business people having fun on the beach in a corporate retreat

A luxury villa has many benefits over a hotel. Firstly, it is much more private and much more cost effective. When you compare the per person cost of staying in a hotel versus a villa, you will be very pleasantly surprised how much money you will save.

Most of the larger luxury villas these days come with hotel-type services too. You can expect butlers, chefs, housekeepers, swimming pools, gymnasiums, cinema rooms and even spa treatment rooms in many of the homes that are available for rent. And of course, all good villas will be well connected these days with super-fast Wi-Fi, printers, fax machines and even offices in some cases.

A villa is a much more bespoke option for a retreat too. Because you have the place to yourself, you can be much more imaginative and flexible on the things that you do each day.

More and more companies are choosing luxury villa rentals in St Barts and other villa destinations around the world for their corporate retreat. We have put together a short list of incredible villas, tropical mansions and private islands for you to choose.

Amancaya Villa St Barts

Amancaya Villa

With seven beautiful en-suite bedrooms, Amancaya is one of the largest villas on the island of St Barts which in turn makes it one of the most suitable for a business retreat. Everything about the villa is exquisite and unique. The interiors are a wonderful blend of Asian warmth and St Barts chic. Amancaya Villa St Barts also has one of the best locations on the island of St Barts. It is about equal distance from all the most popular spots such as Flamand’s Beach, Gustavia and St Jean.

The villa is a complete oasis where you and your team can spend time brainstorming surrounded by tropical beauty that is St Barts. And when you complete your work, there is so much to do and explore as well as many wonderful restaurants and bars to enjoy some bonding time.

Calivigny Island Grenada

Calivigny Island villas

Calivigny Island in Grenada is a wonderful option for a larger corporate retreat as it has 25 bedrooms in total sleeping up to 50 people. This exquisite private island is located just 10 minutes by boat off the coast of the Grenada mainland. It is a true paradise Robinson Crusoe style island with six pristine beaches, a huge free form swimming pool, jogging trails, gymnasium, tennis courts, a fleet of boats and every watersport known to man.

The bedroom accommodation is split between the main house on the beach with ten bedrooms, the Overhang House with nine bedrooms and a further three beach cottages with two bedrooms. The beach cottages are scattered over the 80 acres that comprise Calivigny island. The master bedroom at Calivigny Island is possibly the most opulent master bedroom of any vacation rental in the world. So, if you are the organizer of your corporate retreat, it would be wise to bag this room early!

The island has plenty of room for meetings and breakout sessions. It is the perfect place for you to award your employees and at the same time motivate them to new heights.

Greensleeves Villa Barbados

Greensleeves villa

Greensleeves is another epic villa to spend some time with your work colleagues working on strategies to bring your business to the next level. The villa is on two of Barbados best beaches. This exquisite villa has nine bedrooms in total. If more space is required, you can rent Greensleeves Villa with Blue Point villa next door, giving you 13 bedrooms in total.

Greensleeves has a huge free form swimming pool, nine incredible acres of tropical gardens, tennis courts, a gymnasium and watersports amenities. There is plenty of room to spread out and have breakout sessions with your work colleagues, and the best bit is that it comes fully staffed with chefs, butlers and housekeepers. All you need to do is concentrate on your work, enjoy the villa and enjoy the beautiful island of Barbados.

Hawksbill Villa Turks and Caicos

Hawksbill villa

Hawksbill Villa in Turks and Caicos is a stunning 8-bedroom house which may be rented with a 2-bedroom beach house next door making a total of 10 bedrooms. It is perfect for a small luxury retreat where you are looking to mix business and pleasure in stunning surroundings. Hawksbill is located directly on Grace Bay Beach which is widely considered to be the best beach in the world. There is no better location for working on your business and bonding with your colleagues then this.

The villa has over 4 acres of gardens, and the focal point is called The Great Room which can double up as an excellent meeting space.