Heed The Call – Why Telemarketing Is More Influential Than You May Think

In today’s world of social media and instant messaging, it is easy to think that telemarketing has gone the way of the dinosaurs. This is not the case, and telemarketing should continue to be one of the many approaches that your business uses for generating leads. Telemarketing functions as an ideal complement to the other marketing strategies available to you.

Consider these top ways in which telemarketing is more influential than you may think when it comes to lead generation and follow-up.

Telemarketing staff

Understand the Nuances of a Telemarketing Call

A telemarketing call is different from a telesales call. Telemarketing features a more relaxed and conversational approach to connecting with the consumer. The purpose of the call is to inspire and motivate the consumer. The telemarketer’s job is to drum up interest in your company’s products or services.

The questions and comments from the consumer provide your company with tips about their interests and needs now and in the future. Your company could use that information in order to strengthen future marketing campaigns.

Integrate Telemarketing With Your Other Promotional Strategies

An ideal approach to effective promotion of your products or services is the integration of telemarketing with other marketing strategies. Telemarketing plays well with social media and email marketing campaigns. When the telemarketer connects with a consumer, any questions that the consumer had about information in an online ad can be answered.

Telemarketers can also provide more detailed information about what your company has to offer. The online ad functions as a sort of teaser, while the telemarketing call expands upon what intrigued the customer and caused them to click on the ad.

Select the Right Professionals for Cold Calling

Experienced telemarketers are trained for making cold calls. While your regular sales staff might feel ill-at-ease with cold calling, telemarketers are primed for it. They are familiar with using techniques to greet consumers and convey a warm message without being aloof or overwhelming. This creates a lasting good impression of your company.

Save Money

As a whole, telemarketing costs less per conversion than placing a printed, television or radio ad. Your business could save a considerable amount of money by adding telemarketing into your list of strategies for developing and converting leads. With other sales strategies, you do not get the personalised connection with consumers, which could prove to be priceless.

Expand Your Audience

Telemarketing allows you to expand your potential base of customers. Certain segments of the population are difficult to reach by snail mail, printed ads, radio or television ads or social media marketing. You could expand your audience by calling them directly.

Telemarketing is also useful for connecting with the people who have done business with your company in the past. Perhaps you offer a service that people might need regularly. Your telemarketing team could call those people when it is time to have the service repeated. If your business sells consumable goods or has a new product to offer, calls could be placed to your existing customers in order to inform them about product availability.


Offer Convenience to Customers

With telemarketing, you bring a product or service directly to the customer. The consumer does not have to deal with the hassle of going to a bricks-and-mortar retail location, placing a call and waiting on hold for a customer service agent or waiting days in order to get a reply to an email. Most people take their phones everywhere they go, which means that calling people may be a more effective way of reaching them than other methods you may have used in the past.

Customers benefit from receiving instant answers to questions they have about your products or services. If the customer declines to make an immediate purchase, part of your telemarketing script could include permission to call the customer back at a later time to see if they are ready to make a purchase of your products or services in the future.

Track the Success of Your Strategy

Tracking your sales is essential. You need to know which demographic, which telemarketer, which location and what product or service is generating the highest numbers of sales and creating the most profits. Telemarketing makes this possible.

The software used in your telemarketing campaign tracks the phone number and relevant details. With the software, you can analyse the geographic region, time of the day, day of the week and demographic group that generates the most conversions.

Gain Immediate Feedback About Your Company

While your telemarketing professional is on the line with the customer, they can ask the customer if there is anything else the customer needs. This type of insight gives your company marketing intelligence. You may gain useful information that could be put into practice for future marketing campaigns.


Telemarketing is a cost-effective method of generating new leads. At the least, it informs consumers that your company, products and services are available.

The personalised connection made between your telemarketers and the consumer carries weight in the customer’s future purchase plans. The consumer will remember your company when they have a need for a relevant product or service.