How To Get A New Website Design Without Breaking The Bank?

A website is one of the most effective marketing mediums in this day and age. Many businesses have multiple sites to market their products and services. Thousands of bucks are being spent by companies to create a website that attracts more customers and clients.

Many individuals are coming up with their blogs and websites for several purposes. Given the advancement in technology, it has become possible to create a site easily without breaking your bank. Cost of a website has decreased dramatically compared to the past few years which remain a positive sign today.

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However, most of us are not aware of how to get a new website design that tends to be more user-friendly, usable and that works in an ideal way when it comes to SEO. Fortunately, here are some of the ways in which you can get a new website design:

1. Use a crowdsourcing company

Given the demand in this day and age, the cost of designing a website has increased a lot if it has to be done hiring professional companies. There’s an alternative, though: crowdsourcing companies can be utilized to save a great deal of money.

Such companies can offer you a great variety of web designs. The prices are only in hundreds of dollars. However, a developer may be needed to develop this into a complete working website.

2. Hire students

Students can be hired in order to get access to a good web design in an affordable manner. You can easily get in touch with a program director at any local college.

Get a referral to a student who has been working in the field of web design. Students are normally willing to do the job in order to enhance their portfolio. They would charge much less than a professional designer. Also get into touch with other students who may be ready to bargain the fee they will charge. This is how you can get access to an affordable web design.

3. Outsource abroad

Outsourcing abroad is one of the cheapest ways to get a website ready. There are many agencies all across the world that are ready to work on a distant basis. There are several countries with a lower cost of living where you can get designers who are cheaper than the US and UK based designers.

Check out different portfolios on different websites to get a more diverse and well-informed idea. You can even request proposals depending on the specifications.

4. Barter for services

This is another cheap way to get a web design without breaking the bank. If you know any developers or designers personally, consider asking them whether they want to barter. You may offer them other professional services in return for getting a web design. For instance, accountants can provide accounting services and lawyers can offer legal assistance to get web design services in return.

This trend is becoming increasingly common these days. Most importantly, it helps individuals to save a great deal of money.

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5. Use an existing design theme

Many individuals consider getting a ready-made web design on the Internet. This is how you can save a great deal of money. It is not necessary to have a completely original website. There is nothing wrong if it resembles slightly with other websites. You can save good money by utilizing a premium or free theme. These themes are normally very popular with bloggers out there.

WordPress is one of the platforms where design themes are being offered, both free and premium. There is a wide variety available for you to choose from, and you can easily get one from marketplaces like ThemeForest or DreamTemplate.

What you need to do is just choosing any theme that suits your preferences the most, customize it yourself (or hire someone who can) and you’re done.

6. Make it yourself

Making your own theme is another popular way to save money when it comes to accessing a web design. There are many platforms out there that can help you to make a theme. Even though ready-made templates can be selected, making your own theme means more personalization. You can set the elements of the theme according to your needs and preferences.

The bottom line

Having a website is of critical importance in this day and age. There are millions of businesses out there, and almost every company has its own website. It is usually used for marketing different products and services.

Nevertheless, the benefits of a website can only be availed if it has good web design.

Above are some ways in which a good and cheap web design can be accessed. Even though it is not an exhaustive list, it contains most of the essential ways.

Some words of advice: If you are considering choosing a ready-made template or want to make your own template, then make sure user-friendliness is taken into account. It’s the most crucial aspect of website design, as it determines how well your content is accessed, which impact your conversion rate – and, eventually, your sales.