Office Update – Create an Inspiring and Stress-Free Environment

Based on statistics from the Global Organization for Stress, many adult Americans report that their stress has increased over the years with 1 out of 75 experiencing panic disorder. A shocking 80% of employees experience work-related stress, and feel they don’t manage it well enough. In Australia, employees are absent from work for 3.2 days on average annually due to stress, and it costs the government over $10 million. Britain also reports that almost half a million workers experience stress that makes them ill which results in £28.3 billion cost per year.

Office Update Tips

However, there are some things that an employer can do to remedy this situation, and lower employee stress levels. If you want to make a change and join the ever-growing fight against this serious issue, here are some ideas on how to create an inspiring and stress-free environment.

1. Encourage healthy habits

You can encourage your employees to change their habits by promoting a healthy lifestyle through sports activities and diet choices. Make sure there is always fresh fruit and vegetables in the kitchen, and stop buying unhealthy beverages like carbonated, sugary soda. Provide them with a blender to make healthy smoothies, and a juicer to always have freshly squeezed juice on hand.

Also, get them discounts for various activities like the gym, dance lessons, aerobics class, yoga, and Pilates. The fact that you care and provide for their well-being will make them feel better and lower overall stress levels.

2. Remind employees to take breaks

In Japan, it’s perfectly alright to take short naps almost anywhere, and it’s even encouraged since it shows that a person is hard working and needs a break. However, employees sometimes get so engrossed in their work that they forget to take a break at all. Purchase an app that employees can use to remind them to take breaks or see that managers remind their teams it’s time to stretch their legs.

Office Update tips

3. Make more room for communication

Communication is one of the most important elements of any business, and when good communication is present this can help you reduce stress levels considerably. Create possibilities for employees to tell you their worries and ideas by organizing regular meetings and scheduled open doors. Invite them to fill in a survey and give you feedback on the things that make them nervous and stressed out.

Effective communication can resolve conflicts and create a supportive environment that will help employees feel accepted and understood. The way you communicate with your employees will define the atmosphere at work and consequently stress levels.

4. Use color to create an inspiring and stress-free environment

When asked in a poll, 75% of Australians said that stress negatively affects their physical health, and 64% cited it affects their mental well-being. When it comes to dealing with stress, Sydney commercial painters point out that color is what people most commonly go to for when creating a stress-free environment. And living in a modern and culturally-rich city like Sydney certainly brings a lot of interesting ideas to create inspiring space.

Bright colors at work can energize employees and lift their mood which will in turn boost their creativity and productivity. Muted tones will offer a serene ambiance and are perfect for break areas or recreational space. Playing with color is not reserved for walls, so consider some lively furniture and play with different patterns.

Office Update Tips

5. Add a recreation room

If you want to make a substantial change, consider adding a recreation room to the office space. This can be the area where employees can play games, practice group stretch and hang out during breaks. Also, design a couple of nooks for avid readers and those who need some private space to relax.

Recreation rooms are very popular in the business world today, and although some companies go overboard, even simple setups can help. Make sure to include a recreation room in your budget, and make it a place where your employees can clear their heads and have a breather.


With ongoing stress-related problems in the workplace all over the world, employers are trying to find ideal solutions to help. Even the smallest improvements can create an inspiring and stress-free environment that will help employees feel safe and in turn, be more productive.