5 Best Technology Product Marketing Strategies When On A Budget

Marketing professionals have difficulty promoting any products when on a budget, let alone technology products. As a marketing professional for a tech company, you might struggle with standing out in a highly competitive industry.

Competitive tech businesses invent new products on a daily basis. How are you supposed to reach your target audience before they do without their level of funding? You need to have clear marketing roles in tech, as well as a sound strategy for gaining product exposure.

Samsung S10 marketing event
photo credit: Kārlis Dambrāns / Flickr

Keep reading to discover the best technology marketing strategies when on a budget.

Attend Events

To get started, consider attending events as an inexpensive technology marketing strategy. Many marketing professionals believe that they can only benefit from attending trade shows or events that are specific to their industry. However, all consumers use technology products, so you can find marketing success by attending any event.

For instance, you can effectively market a smart home product at a local fair because homeowners will be there. You have the option to pay a small price for your own booth, in which you can use other advertising tools like banners. Then, you can show consumers how your products work and sell them in person. When you are on a budget, attend events to market tech products.

Create A Blog

Another technology marketing strategy that will not use up your funding is to create a blog. You can develop your own site using a blogging platform for little-to-no cost. Use the blog to explain what your product offers through text and photos. Most consumers are questionable about technology products because they are unsure of how they work.

To clear up any questions, add contact information to your site. Advertise any social media pages, upcoming events that you will be holding or attending, and new products on the blog. Think of a blog as a under-used, free technology marketing platform.

Press and media at a tech event

Local Channel Collaboration

A great way to reach your audience is through social media and other collaborative platforms. For example, you can partner with platforms like Welcome Wagon to reach new customers in your area. You can use this to expand your target audience and increase your sales. Take advantage of the various marketing tools social media offers to advertise products. When you collaborate with other channels, you will have the opportunity to market to a larger base without a steep increase in costs. It’s a win-win for you and your collaborators.

Interactive Product Tours

To live up to the standards of tech enthusiasts, market devices through interactive product tours. This technology marketing technique takes videos to the next level. It gives you the opportunity to showcase product design in marketing. Potential customers no longer have to sit through long videos to discover what they need to hear. Instead, product tours walk them through inventions. They do so on their own with guidance from prompts.

Although you will have to use some of the company’s finances to create the tours, they save you money down the road because you no longer have to make numerous videos. If you upgrade from video advertisements to interactive product tours, you increase sales while saving time and resources in the future.

Pay-Per-Click Advertising

Furthermore, marketers also use pay-per-click advertising as a technology marketing strategy when on a budget. With pay-per-click advertising, you only pay when a consumer clicks on your advertisement. Thus, you are paying when a potential customer takes a closer look at the products your brand has to offer.

Typically, companies use this strategy for paid search ads. Create persuasive ads to drive traffic through popular search engines like Google. Then, track the click through rate and conversion rate to sell more products. Especially if you have a specific advertising budget, this technique is advantageous for tech company marketers who need to limit the amount they spend.


Technology marketing professionals like yourself can run successful campaigns without overspending. Go to events to showcase products for potential customers to try out. If possible, advertise using branded giveaway items so other will remember you. Develop and maintain a blog for an organic approach to persuade consumers online.

Run social media collaborations to engage with consumers, expand your customer base, and advertise devices. Show your audience that your brand truly is tech savvy by creating interactive product tours. Or, save money through pay-per-click advertising. Using these strategies, you can stick to your budget for a technology marketing campaign.