How to Create an Online Survey

Feedback is a great way to improve your business. It can help you identify the flaws in your products, and help you fix them to maximize value to the customer. Feedback also helps you achieve your goals and achieve more lofty future milestones.

A great way to get customer feedback is through an online survey. Online surveys are a really effective way to know what your clients think about your product and service. Thanks to modern technology, your clients can now participate in surveys through the internet from anywhere and any device.

Filling out online survey

What’s an Online Survey?

An online survey is the same as any offline survey. They’re a series of questionnaires that help any business find out what their customers or clients think about their product/service through the internet. These surveys are usually created as web forms, and all the feedback gets stored in a single database. Statistical software goes through the answers to provide analytics.

If the above sound too technical, fear not – you can use platforms like Drag’n Survey to create your online survey easily and analyze the collected data, all in one place.

Determine Your Achievements

Before creating pointless surveys, it is important to cement your business’s real goals regarding how customers are served. Otherwise, it’s hard to know if you’re customers are actually happy. To get the best result, it’s suggested to spend some time to come up with the questions you most need to ask your clients.

Set your objectives first before creating the survey. Think about exactly what you want to know at the end of the survey. Maybe you want to know what your client thinks about your customer service, or perhaps you need feedback on specific products that you sold them? Spending time creating your survey is the best way to ensure the best results.

Create and Organize a Killer Questionnaire

Now that your goals are fixed, it’s time to write down the questions you need to ask consumers. Write down all the possible questions you can ask them about your product or service. Now choose what you really need to know and separate them into specific questions according to your needs. You should first gather information about your consumers such as name, age, gender, location etc.

No need to be too specific with these questions. Use age brackets like 20-30 years old, and general locations like regions. It’s really important to organize your survey in a way that your clients can go through them without any confusion or take up too much of their time. Identify how you’ll gather answers. For example, as free text, multiple choice, etc. Put your questions in an easy-to-understand format.

Get People to Participate

Now that you’ve created your survey, you need people to participate in it to get feedback. You can ask your subscribers to participate in the survey so that they can give their feedback to your service/products. You can promote your survey by email marketing, too.

Make your invitations easy to understand and self-explanatory. For instance, “Did you like our product?” or “Tell us how we can improve our service.” Including a reward for completing the survey, or making it into a competition is a great way to get more people to participate.

Remember, mentioning the word ‘survey’ in the title will turn many people off. So, try to attract participants in a way that makes them feel valuable.

You can try adding phrases like, “Please, help us help you” or “Share your precious thoughts” in an email subject line or online feedback form. Include qualifying information like what you want to know from them, how long it will take, and finally the benefit to them for participating. Feedback from people that aren’t your clients are also important. Social Media is great for gathering participants. Always remember to thank your clients for their valuable feedback, as it helps you improve your business.

Analyze Results and Take Action

Analyze all the answers you’ve collected and turn them into graphs and charts. This way it’ll be easier to identify what the majority wants most, and how to improve and streamline your service/products for maximum value to them and profit for you. For open-ended questions, you can try text analysis to gather the most common responses. Thoroughly analyze all information gathered to figure out how best to improve your business.

After analyzing the results of your online survey, it’s time to take action. Make the most sensible and highly requested changes suggested in each survey to improve your business. Finally, let participants know all the changes you made via email blasts or social media posts. That way they’ll know you heard their opinions and strive to make your customers happy. This will inevitably result in higher retention rates and customer lifetime value.