7 Vinyl Banner Marketing Tips

7 Vinyl Banner Marketing Tips

From designing, printing, etc. there are a lot of areas to go wrong in marketing using banners. They need to be readable from a distance instantly, provide the information that lets people know about your business, fast.

Here are 7 vinyl banner marketing tips.

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1. Glance-Worthy

Banners are large. This makes it tempting to fill them with as much information as possible, in an attempt to “cram it all in” for passersby. This is a mistake. The most effective way for ensuring people understand the banner, is to adopt the “less is more” mentality. To do this, think about the message you want to convey on the banner – and include only that message. Incorporate contrast and one image to ensure maximum attention.

2. Placement Aspects

Where will you place your banner? Real estate and marketing share a philosophy: location, location, location. In the olden days of marketing in newspapers, companies waged war against each other for front page space. These days, with banners, you must think about which part of the banner you want people’s eyes to see first. If your URL is just as big as the discount code (for example) and the face of the owner of the business, this creates confusion.

3. Physical Location

Another placement aspect, this time dealing with the physical location of the banner. Refrain from placing them above your store name. Or in hard-to-see places (in an effort to ‘be new’). Never place them in an area crowded with other banners.

4. CTA

You don’t have a lot of time to tell your customers what they should do next. Your banner has only a few seconds to catch attention and create a lead. If you “catch a fish”, your banner should have one clear CTA.

5. Font

Font might not seem like an important part of banner marketing. Yet, if you consider using a fancy/script font (that makes it seem like your business is sophisticated and ultra-professional), your banner will end up looking muddled and murky. The exact opposite of “elegance.” The ideal banner font is a bold, sans-serif font. Remember: the goal here is for any text to be readable at a passing glance and memorable.

6. Material Quality

The printing quality of custom vinyl banners—especially outdoor banners—cannot be overstated. Nine ounce vinyl mesh material banners can withstand harsh winds without tearing at all. Keep in mind that this may be a more expensive option. Juggle the options and weigh your alternatives to see which material you truly need.

7. Simplicity

We’re all invested in our businesses. We want to make a profit. Unfortunately, customers/prospects don’t care about what we want. What they want is to know is a solution to a myriad of problems they may have. The entire point of marketing is to let people know that you are the solution to their problem. People don’t have the time (or want) to read paragraphs of text on a banner. If your hired copywriter has more than three lines on your banner, ask for a rewrite. Remove unnecessary copy from banners. In marketing, simpler is always better.


Follow these tips and your banner will stand out and attract attention in no time. However, just as important as this is for you to keep your brand in mind. Any design you make with your banner should gel with your brand. For example: you’d never see a beer bottle next to a Walmart logo. (Even though they now sell beer.) Would it catch attention? Yes. Is it what Walmart is about? No.

Ivan Widjaya

Ivan Widjaya is the Owner/Editor of Noobpreneur.com, as well as several other blogs. He is a business blogger, web publisher and content marketer for SMEs.