Why College is the Best Time to Start Your Business

It is said that college is the best time of your life and you probably did not spend your time well in college if you did not take any risks. The thought of entrepreneurship sounds a bit risky, but luckily in college, you got little to lose.

The flexibility and relative low-risk minimum-damage that is associated with starting a business sounds good, and you may get several new ideas from your friends, this why college is good for a startup.

College students starting a business

If you have ideas, start working on them now as you do not need to fret about resources, you will get plenty within your alma-mater’s premise. So next time you are about to write my essay for me you can write about how you began your own startup in a college dorm.

Here are top 3 reasons for you to begin right now because it is always the best time to take action:

1. You have time

Remember when you asked your friend for a favor because you were too caught up on other things and also because you were not managing things properly, but they did it anyway, this is why college is good. With all the lectures, assignments, and hectic schedule a lot of you will disagree about having time, but the reality is that the college is the best time of your life to start setup.

Next time you ask your friend ‘write my essay for me’ will be because you have shuffled your schedule and dug out time to start that idea you had in mind from some time. Businesses take time to gain momentum, months or even years and especially when you are literally starting from scratch.

An average student may struggle with assignments, but there have been cases where few friends start a small business that is in demand like writing qualitative essays for college. But how is this lucrative?

Well, if I were a student with plenty to do with my time (especially if I have to work part time to support my ultra-expensive tuition fees) I’d wondered whether there’s someone who can help writing my essay for me.  And I wasn’t the only one in that situation, for sure. Another situation would be simply skill-related. We all have seen students looking for someone who want to write their essay because they lack the proper writing skills.

There are numerous ideas to start your own company; all you need is a bit of courage and perseverance; that is why college is a good place to start your business. Additionally, if you wisely manage your coursework, you can extract a lot of extra time to put into your company.

2. You have plenty of resources

The number one reason out of 10 reasons to go to college is that it offers a lot of varied opportunities as experts surround you; colleges with best professors are willing to share their expert opinion and experiences with you. You may explore a new thing every single day of your college life as it is full of resources and that is why college is good.

Thanks to the business accelerator and internet you can start a company in an as low budget as $300 in your college life making it the top reason out of 10 reasons to go to college. Modern technologies help you to stay connected with all vendors and stakeholders, you can instantly attend your customers, and some business are entirely run via the internet, you do not even need a proper office, and you can create a self-sustainable business.

College student / founder

3. Your losses are minimal

Perhaps the best part of starting a business while in college is that your chances of losses are minimal. Moreover, in college, you don’t dwell on the issue of business survivability.

Just focus on studying and solve your business problems as they come. It is not like risking your entire reputation or money, at maximum you will learn a few things from your mistake, and even if everything crashes down, you can still graduate and get a job.


We all have heard about companies that were founded in dorm rooms and now have million profit, you have colleges with best professors and resources, and you can use it for your benefit. That is why college is the best time of your life for starting a business. Regardless of success or failure, you do not depend on your company’s revenue to pay rent, or health insurance and your accommodation are already covered in student budget.

What could you ask for more? So, just start now and perfect things along the way – who knows, you might launch the next Facebook or Amazon!