5 Myths About Canadian Marketing Professions

Ever wanted to join the marketing profession but someone made you change your mind? There are several myths that have infiltrated this profession, tainting its reputation and belittling it. Just like the Canadian health care wait times myth, there are some misconceptions about the marketing profession. These will be discussed later in this paper.

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5 Myths that Infiltrate Canadian Marketing Professions

A considerable percentage of college students believe that marketing is one of the common courses you pick as the last option. Many of them are always going for the “best” courses which are believed to be science, engineering, and medical-related study programs.

Here are the top 5 misconceptions about Canadian marketing careers.

1. There are better opportunities in the USA than in Canada

Apparently, this is a misconception that not only infiltrates the marketing professions but also the Canadian healthcare careers. Many qualified professionals in these fields are eager to migrate to the United States for better chances of success.

The US might be a strong economic superpower when compared to Canada, but that doesn’t mean there are always better opportunities. There are equally great opportunities in Canada that are well-paying which people online and offline can take advantage of.

2. Marketing is all about selling stuff and advertisement

Many Canadians tend to think that marketing entails selling stuff and advertising only. This counts as the main reason why most Canadians shy away from this profession. It is the fear that the career path does not offer a chance to specialize in something else apart from sales.

Well, this is a misconception that needs to be changed. There is more to this career than being a salesperson.

For example, a marketing content specialist plays an important role in creating marketing content, as well as checking the integrity and originality of marketing copies through the use of tools like the free plagiarism checker and grammar checker.  Not only that, but also brand development and management, development of strategic plans, and business development all fall under this profession.

3. Anyone can be a marketing professional

Somehow, many Canadians have been made to believe that anyone can make it in this career. This notion has contributed immensely to the belittling of this career. What I mean by this is that this profession has been left for people who do not make the cut to study the programs they really wanted.

Marketing takes more than just a degree or a diploma to succeed. It demands passion, sacrifice, and dedication that a person forced into it might not have. To be successful as a marketer, the desire must come from within you.

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4. Marketing and sales are one and the same thing

As mentioned earlier, many people believe that all you can be after pursuing this course is a salesperson. Well, the truth is that as an expert in this career, there is no way you can specialize as a salesperson. These are two distinct departments that might look similar, but both play very different roles.

A salesperson focuses on making sales at a personal level by meeting with clients. It’s about creating a personal relationship with buyers and clients. On the other hand, marketing is more about planning and developing the business through the brand establishment. See how misguided people are?

5. It is a low paying career

If you believe that this career is a low paying one, you don’t really know much about it. It pays as well as any other career in Canada; maybe even better than some. When an analyst, checker, or guru in market trends draws such a presumptuous conclusion, the nation gets misled.

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Last Remarks

Many people have been made to believe that marketing as a career is not something to be proud of. There are tones of misconceptions about different careers and departments that many Canadians believe. Health care, income level, and taxation are among the common social security myths Snopes in Canada.

In as much as marketing is not the best career in Canada, it is equally not the worst. It’s the high time people got a reality check and knew the truth.