6 Business Ideas To Start In College With No Special Skills

Starting up a business in college is not easy at all. From having to carefully plan your schedule for the day to spending a lot of money to start up money, delving into the business world while receiving lectures day in day out can be stressful. Once you can, however, successfully handle the workload that comes with running a business alongside your college activities, the chances of your business succeeding are high.

In fact, some billionaires in the world today started their businesses from college.

Some students have the capability to excellently run a business but are short of ideas. There are several businesses that a college undergraduate can start in school that will thrive as a result of demand from students. Some of these ideas, how to work on them, and the cost of running the ideas are discussed below.

1. Running Tutorial Classes

This business is for students who are naturally gifted at a particular subject. At every point in school, there are students who don’t understand a subject offered at school. This could be as a result of a negligent lecturer or even difficulty of the topics in the subject. Regardless of the reason, it, however, works to your advantage. Tutoring your fellow course mates on a subject can give you cool, sweet money due to the fact that you’re doing something you find easy and earning money for it.

When starting a tutorial, one of the ways you can publicize your business is by informing the professor or lecturer about your services. When handling tutorials, you’ll need to be thoroughly professional, keep to time, and have a schedule that works with your various students.

2. Essay Writing

You can offer writing services as a freelancer on different websites while on campus. Also, you can offer to write for students who need to have their essays done. There are writing services like Paper Ap for students who want to start up the essay writing business on campus. To effectively write on campus, you’ll need to be conversant with spelling words the correct way, proofreading what you’ve written. You’ll also need to learn how to engage with your audience.

3. Editing Project Papers

If you are skilled at editing projects papers of students on campus, you can offer your services. As a plus, you could also offer the professor proofing service. These two skills are some of the most demanded in college. Students on this campus are so in need of these skills that even with referrals and promotion by word of mouth, you can get several clients in a short amount of time.

In order to effectively run an editing business, you will need to be conversant with the likes of the particular professor you’re editing the paper for. Also, you also need to set boundaries on the service you’re offering. There are several students that will come to you with the request of writing their papers for them. Once you do this, there is a high possibility that you could get implicated and even expelled from school.

4. Starting up Photography

There are several vents in school that parents and even students need photographers for. Forget the fact that high-end phones can take some really cool pictures; several people prefer their photo albums to be hard copy. If photography is your hobby, then this could be a really cool business for you.

In order to get more clients to hire you, you can create a social media page specifically for your photography and post some of the best pictures you have taken there. You’ll also have to constantly update the page so potential clients can keep being reminded of your awesomeness. Also, you need to keep on developing your skills in order to be a better photographer.

5. Offering Web Design/Development Services

This skill may not be in high demand in college. However, the payment for a single web design or web development job more than makes up for the reduced number of clients you might get. There are other students on campus who would want to create and develop websites for businesses they’re starting. However, creating a website requires computer programming skills that most of them certainly don’t have. That’s where you come in. Offering your services for even a first-rate price will get you hired in no time.

To effectively run a web development business, you’ll need to understand the aim of your potential clients. This way, you can easily soar through any interviews they hold for you and land that job. To boost your chances, you can also proffer a solution to any of the issues the business is facing/might face.

Business ideas for college students

6. Engaging in Drop Shipping

If you’re a student who rarely has time because of school, you can start a business that requires a one-time setup. One of such businesses is drop shipping.

Drop shipping is a type of passive business that can earn you money without having to constantly engage in the running of the day to day activities of the business. To those not familiar with the term, drop shipping requires you to create an online shop that sells products to customers. The good thing is, you don’t need to buy any of these products. All you’d do is being the middleman. When an order is made, you’ll head over to the online shop from which you listed the product, ship to the customer’s address and boom! – you have your profit.


Starting up a business in college may seem hard at first. However, once you get used to the schedules, the ride becomes easier. There are certain businesses in college that one can startup, which include drop shipping, writing, tutorials, and others. Tips on how to make headway in these businesses are given in the article.