Symfony Development: Why Companies Trust This PHP Framework

Symphony is a PHP framework that is used to build complex websites, web solutions, blogs, social networks, and apps for both web and mobile. A framework is more like a skeleton which you can fill with your desired features to make it functional. Developers prefer to use frameworks to help them create apps and websites faster. Frameworks are also popular because they are easier to maintain, more secure as they receive regular upgrades, and have little room for errors while using them.

You can find professionals to develop your website or app using Symfony at The Software House. Today, 82.8% of sites all over the world use PHP programming language. There are several reasons why you should choose Symphony PHP development over other PHP frameworks.

Woman coding on computer using Symfony PHP framework

Big and reputable companies trust Symfony

Symfony as remained on top even while other frameworks have failed. Popular platforms such as Magento and phpBB use Symfony. Many other PHP frameworks, including Laravel, are using the Symfony standard of developing PHP.

There are also reputable companies that have created complex websites using Symfony. These include Spotify; a music streaming service which has over 75 million users, Course Hero; a leading education site worldwide with millions of daily views, and Trivago search tool; where over 120 million visitor flock to search hotels and compare prices.

It has a large community of contributors

Symfony beats other PHP frameworks as it has more than 600,000 developers distributed in over 120 countries. Symfony is, therefore, an open-source framework that receives contributions from not only core developers but also PHP lovers and experts worldwide. The framework also receives professional support from SensioLabs, which is the creating and sponsoring company. All these contributors help in making the framework better for all by offering regular updates and long-term support.

It has bundles and reusable components which make it expandable and flexible

Bundles are a decoupled group of files and folders that you can use for implementing a feature. You can re-use them for several applications, which lowers development cost. The more than 50 reusable components, on the other hand, help to reduce routine tasks. With bundles and components eliminating dependency on the architecture, you can make changes and create a flexible application.

There are numerous support resources

Symfony has a wide range of resources to help you when you need answers. These include community support, documentation, IRC, tutorials, and mailing lists.

Scalability and performance

Symfony is scalable and also performs faster than many other PHP frameworks. The latest versions of Symfony such as Symfony 4 are faster as compared to earlier versions such as Symfony 3.4.


Sites of different sizes and types such as intranets, community sites, management apps, websites, and more, trust Symfony. Symfony is scalable, expandable, stable, and it is also highly secure thanks to the debugging elements. Even better, Symfony enjoys a sense of permanence as it receives commercial support from its founding company. There are many PHP frameworks to choose from, but choosing a reliable framework like Symfony will give you long term value.