7 Reasons That Defines Shopify As The Best eCommerce Store Option

Gone are the days when entrepreneurs with great things to sell online were frustrated because they simply didn’t know how to create their own website. They had to hire web developers and spend a considerable amount of time on web hosting and payment gateway before starting to sell things.

Shopify has changed the way e-commerce platforms build their websites. It has helped the new-age entrepreneurs to do away with monotonous web designs and maximize their sales through several add-on features.

Shopify ecommerce
photo credit: Marco Verch CC 2.0

Here are 7 reasons that make Shopify the best e-commerce store option.

1. Convenience of Using

What is more satisfying than setting up your own online store so that your merchandise can be available all over?

Shopify makes it possible for small and medium scale entrepreneurs to set up their own online store without paying a fortune. Moreover, it assists you to design your website according to your delineation without having any prior knowledge in programming languages like HTML, CSS, JavaScript or UI/UX. The URL structure provided by Shopify is also SEO friendly.

Another major point about Shopify is that, being one of the most widely used website platforms in 2019, most ecommerce tools are specifically designed to be integrated with Shopify. For example, marketing tools like SaleSource, which help small business owners source products from China and re-sell them to their customers worldwide.

2. 24/7 Service

Shopify has a large team of developers and customer service providers that help you throughout your service availing period. Shopify is open to live chats and phone calls regarding any questions or queries with immediate solution to it. You can also drop your queries through emails. The competent employees of Shopify work 24/7 to provide effective customer services.

3. Cost-effective

Buying a website, hiring a web developer and hosting a website are arduous tasks. You don’t have to spend a hefty sum just to sell your merchandise because Shopify gets the job done while spending only a few thousand dollars. It offers many free templates ideas without any additional expenses on hosting and has a large set of choices starting from a very minimal price of about $29 to $299 per month, covering up all the updates, hosting and server management problems.

It gives a huge discount on annual or biennial subscription and provides us with a competent team to solve our day-to-day problems efficiently. Moreover, it gives various gift cards and other discounts on purchases to cut down the expenses.

4. Free Trial and Free Add-Ons

You can’t learn swimming without jumping into the water. So to try out the e-commerce business, Shopify gives you a free trial of 14 days to have some experience before investing in the same.

Further, several of the Shopify apps that help in boosting your sales are free. Boost Sales, Better Coupon and Swell are some Shopify apps that can help in boosting your sales. You don’t need to create websites in various languages. You can use Shopify Store Translation to translate the language of your website to a desired language without relying on the ‘Auto Translate’ feature of Google.

eCommerce purchase payment methods

5. Payment Gateways

In 2013, Shopify has launched its own payment gateway without having to require a third-party gateway for transactions. Moreover, it supports all sorts of payment methods like EMI, PayPal, UPIs, bank transfers, etc.

6. Trust

In 2015, Amazon announced the closing of Amazon Webstore service for merchants. This has made Shopify the market leader in providing a dedicated web service platform for e-commerce stores. Established businesses like Haus, The Candi Factory, Lollapalooza and Tluxe have trusted Shopify in building their e-commerce platforms to sell their products.

Shopify is reliable and secure. Information and transaction security are the major criteria to decide an online purchase. For start-ups and small sellers, Shopify is a reliable platform as it keeps the customers’ information confidential without having the entrepreneurs to worry about the store.

7. Your Business In Your Pocket

Shopify helps you manage your business even though you are miles away on a vacation. It helps you bring your store with you through Shopify Mobile App that lets you look upon your orders, products, employees, customers and transactions from any corner of the world just with your smartphone.

Today Shopify powers over 600,000 businesses. With the e-commerce business growing over 10% in the world, Shopify is going to be a key player in this sector.