Top Tips For Making Your Work Space A More Inspiring And Motivational Place

Top Tips For Making Your Work Space A More Inspiring And Motivational Place

When we think about working hard, we think more than anything about being prepared. Having the right equipment, knowing our stuff, and being ready for any eventuality. However one thing we don’t often consider to be as important as other elements, is what our works pace looks like.

Similarly to the way our bedrooms can affect the way that we sleep, our offices or work spaces can affect the way that we work. They can both boost our productivity and also decrease it massively, depending on the space itself, which is why it’s so important to make it as a productive a space as possible. But how can we do that?

Inspiring and motivating office space

Well, here are some top tips for making your work space a more inspiring and motivational place.

Keep Distractions to a Minimum

In order to stay focused on what you’re doing, try to keep other distractions down to a minimum – particularly if it’s a home office that you’re working from. If you’ve got a target in mind, then that should be your main focus. For example, if you were researching something like how to get cash for your house fast online, then you wouldn’t be browsing Facebook at the same time, would you? So why should work be any different?

Unfortunately, as previously mentioned, we no longer use computers and the internet for work alone. We use them for films, music, entertainment and communication too, all of which can be incredibly distracting when you’re trying to get through a list of tasks you have to complete. The best things to do, is keep these apps and websites separate from our work computers, and use them elsewhere.

Likewise, why not try opting for minimalism within the space? Now, that’s absolutely not to say that you should rid the space of all furniture, and sit on the floor doing your work with the very basics – that would be ridiculous. However, when it comes to décor, minimalism can be a great way to keep a space simple and non-distracting.

Minimalists go with the “one in, one out” theory, and it simply means that when you buy a new addition to add to your office, you should rid yourself of an old one. This helps to stop the space getting cluttered, and ultimately optimises the room you have available to work in. The more space and less distraction you have, the more likely you are to work at your best and be your most creative.

Workspace furniture

Be Practical with Furniture

If you’re anything like the rest of the world, you’ll have Pinterest. If you do, chances are you’ll have spent afternoons scrolling through the interior design inspiration like the rest of us, especially the office section. Now don’t get me wrong, wooden, vintage chairs and rickety desks look great and are arguably the height of fashion right now, but are they really the most practical thing for your working day? Unless you’re Pinterest interior design blogger, then probably not.

Think about what’s good for your health, and your productivity. For example, you should be sat at the height where your eyes are around level with your computer screen, in order to avoid hunching over and neck strain. Therefore, you should invest in a good and height adjustable computer chair that provides sufficient back support, and ultimately enables you to make sure you’re at the right height in relevance to your laptop or computer. It might not look as quirky or aesthetic as the wooden stool you saw in the office on Pinterest, but believe it when it’s said that you’ll appreciate the physical benefits of it far more.

Consider the Lighting

Finally, it’s probably no surprise to you that the lighting in a room can change the entire mood of it. That’s why we often refer to low lit rooms as having “mood lighting”. As lovely and relaxing as that sort of lighting is, it’s not really right for your office space. But at the same time, bright overhead lighting can cause headaches and make you feel slightly off if you sit in it for a long time.

Attempt to get the balance right, by allowing some natural lighting into your office space. If you can, pick a room with a big window in it in order to allow as much light as possible into the space. This means that even on the darker winter days, your room will still feel full of light and life.

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