6 Smart Ways To Increase Your Small Business Profits

Every business owner starts a business with the intention of expanding. Well, that may only be possible if you are making profits.

Making your business profitable is easier said than done as most people may mistake that for hitting the sales target. Making Sales does not necessarily mean that your business is profitable. There is more to it.

Inreasing small business profits

The success of a company is measured by the profits it makes. If you are looking to increase your bottom line, our friends at www.oce-ontario.org share the following to-do’s:

1. Attract new leads

It is through lead generation that you will get customers that will want to pay for your products or services. The best way to go about this is by embracing content marketing. Customers want to know what your business is doing and what it does.

Note that a significant share of consumers go online for information before they make a purchasing decision. You, therefore, need to feed their hunger for information by setting a website or other means that you could keep a constant supply of information.

What does content do for your business? Well, it is one of the useful tools for grabbing the attention of the customers. Content marketing does not have to entail lengthy write-ups for keeping potential customers aware of the promotions you are running. Brief informative content and attention-grabbing headlines will do it for you.

2. Change your operating procedures

You have to keep adjusting your operations to reduce your business’ expenses. For instance, instead of hiring more salespersons to go to the field to get new leads or customers, you could give cross-selling a shot.

Existing customers could be the answer to increased sales. Introduce new and complementary products and sell them to existing customers. By so doing, you will increase the bottom line and at the same time, reduce expenses.

Instead of using a one-time based sales model, take a relationship-based approach which will keep customers coming back to you. A good example is offering bundled services such as monthly subscriptions.

Consider also outsourcing some functions of your business like IT. With that, you will get access to the best skills in the market and saving time and money.

3. Increase order size

You do not have to go out and get more customers. You can increase the order size by using existing customers. The trick is increasing the amount of money that your customers spend on products.

Train your team to cross-sell and up-sell, and you will be impressed by the increase in profits that your business will experience. The best part is that you won’t have to increase your marketing budget.

Process automation

4. Automate your processes

Reducing your operating costs will have a significant effect on your profit margin. Choosing the processes to automate isn’t always an easy job. Processes that do not require human thoughts can be automated.

Business process automation will increase profitability in several ways. By reducing operation costs, the profits increase. Also, automation enhances productivity by ensuring that tasks are completed on time and errors minimized.

5. Keep employees happy

There is something common with all the successful businesses: their employees are happy. How does keeping employees happy and being profitable meet? Motivated employees hardly quit their jobs. If your employees, you will avoid the costs that are attached to high employee turnover. The process of hiring and training takes a lot of money and time. You should, therefore, purpose to do everything to retain your employees.

More so, the more the employees stay, the higher your bottom-line will get. With time they improve their skills and productivity, leading to overall improved performance.

6. Raise your prices

Most businesses use the market penetration pricing entry strategy when they are just getting started. That model looks to earn the love of customers in the market by charging less on similar products in the market.

Once you have acquired the intended market share, you need to increase the price of your products to increase profitability. However, you should be careful not to impose prices that will attract resistance. About five to ten percent increase will be acceptable. What you have to do best is to ensure that your products are of superior quality.

Tiered pricing


For your business to make more money, you need to make continuous improvement. If you improve in the listed areas, your business bottom-line will increase and achieve financial success.