Black Is The New Sexy As Per Interior Designers

Did you ever imagine that people would select black as their primary wall color? Muted colors are often the first choice of any homes and offices, unlike the darker shades like grey or black. But modern interior designers believe that black is the new sexy these days.

It offers the perfect backdrop acting as the neutral canvas for a variety of decorative items. Black dresses often make a visual statement; so, does black walls. With dark interiors, you will actually make the rooms cozier, feel warmer, and it will also have a higher value.

How to use black in your rooms

No matter what the size of your room is, black combines excellently with everything. So, if you incline towards black, here are a few things you can do:

1. Keeps seams blurred

Black or any deep color on the edges and seams make the room look vast and seamless. Many people believe otherwise. But you should try it once. Moreover, if you get a mural or wallpaper that continues from one wall to another, you will feel how big the rooms look. That’s why it’s suitable even for small rooms.

Try selecting matte black instead of polished or high-shine.

2. Use artistic lighting and curtains

Lighting and curtains can change the entire look of the room. Once you decide to have black as the wall color, search for center art-pieces that have a bold and beautiful presence. Big chandeliers can often do the trick.

You can also get table lights with amber shades. This will provide a warm color to the room.

You should also get custom curtains to allow enough light into the rooms so that they don’t remain dark all the time. Try selecting light-colored curtains that allow natural light to come in without any obstruction.

Black office interior design
photo credit: Coordination Asia Ltd. / Pinterest

3. Place the mirror strategically

Using the mirror strategically also makes your room look big. When you have black walls, they add finesse and elegance to your rooms. For an enhanced effect, if you place the mirror just opposite to the window in a slightly diagonal position, it will reflect the light to the other areas. Even if you choose white sheer curtains instead of dark-colored ones, the mirror will make the room look brighter and spacious. You can also get two mirrors in the same room for better effects.

4. Add multiple accents

With black in the background, dark hues will provide the best accent to all the rooms. Play around with different accents so that different rooms look unique. Starting from curtains to furniture and fixtures, don’t keep anything similar in all the rooms. If you have light-colored curtains in one, select a darker hue for another window. You can even hang paintings on the walls. Black walls provide the perfect backdrop for these art pieces.

Will you choose black?

When you have so much to do with black, don’t hesitate to choose it as your preferred wall color. You will notice the change in the room as you start placing the decorative items one by one.