5 Crucial Factors To Consider When Buying Lift Tables

Lift tables are essential tools for most industries. They make the working environment much safer, improve productivity, efficiency, and helps cut down the budget.

Nonetheless, to enjoy these benefits in your industry, you have to get the right lift table for your industry. There different types of lift tables. This includes manual mobile lift tables, scissor lift tables, and customized lift tables.

Hydraulic scissor lift table
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To get the best out of lift tables, you must have the perfect table for your business. But how can you know which lift table is right for your business?

Well, there are several factors you should consider when buying the lift table. Below, we are five crucial reasons you should never forget.

1. The weight of your load

The weight of the load you want to lift is crucial when determining a lift table. Different lift tables can handle different weights. As such, the weights of your load is vital.

You can determine this by estimating the average weight of your loads. The lift table you get should be able to accommodate the heaviest load you work within your industry.

Getting a lift table with lower weight capacity will lead to an increase in the chances of breakdowns due to table overloads.

2. The nature of your loads

What kind of loads do you intend to use on the lift table? Are they too wide to fit on the platform? What kind of risks do the load pose to workers?

These are some of the questions you should ask yourself.

If your load is extensive, you’ll need to get a lift table with a wide platform. The scissor lift table, manual lift table, and electrical mobile lift tables are all available in different platform sizes. They also handle different types of loads.

The nature of your load also determines whether you’ll opt for stationary or mobile lift tables. If your work involves transporting goods, you might opt for manual or electrical portable lift tables.

The lift table you choose should, therefore, be compatible with your load.

3. The durability of the table

The table you choose should be able to lift and lower loads comfortably for a long time without breaking down. Its strength is crucial.

Therefore, to determine the most durable options for lift tables, look into their materials. Some manufacturers may work with light-weight metals that are cheaper and less durable.

Other’s use of stronger metals such as steel, which produces a more durable lift table.

Most importantly, ensure that you get the more durable lift table regardless of the price. This is because the durable tables require fewer maintenance costs and hence, cheaper in the long run.

4. Safety features

You want to get lift tables that ensure your employee’s safety in all processes. Therefore, you can’t settle for just any lift table.

You should thus look into a table’s safety features before acquiring it. Ensure that you know its safety bars, emergency buttons, among other safety features. Even the features such as electrical certifications, velocity fuses, and overload protection are crucial in determining the lift table.

Each lift table comes with its unique safety feature, and thus, you can’t take any chances when choosing one.

5. Vertical Height required

The primary function of lift tables is to raise and lower loads. As such, it’s crucial to understand how high the lift table can lift your goods relative to the heights you need.

Different tasks may require different heights for the loads, and thus, you should be sure how high the lift table reaches. Moreover, different types of tables reach various heights, and hence, knowing the height you need will help decide on the best lift table.


There are numerous types of lift tables in the market, each of them suitable for a different task and industry. You, therefore, have to be certain on the kind of lift table you want.

Considering factors such as the weight and nature of the load, the vertical height required, its durability, and safety features should help you choose a good lift table.

By following these factors, you can be sure of getting the best lift table for your industry!