How To Save Money On Your Electric Bill With LED Lights

Have you ever considered how much money is wasted in old fashioned light bulbs? If you’re struggling each month with ever-increasing electricity bills and you don’t know where you’re expanding so much, think about changing your light bulbs.

LED lights are the most efficient lights available and huge money saver when it comes to electricity bills. Using around 10% of the energy needed by regular light bulbs, LED lights are the best solution to reduce costs at home.

LED lighting in building interior

However, there’s a “hidden” cost when you change to LED lights, as you might need to change your light fittings and connections to fit the new light bulb. At first glance, it might seem more expensive, but once you start seeing the savings, you’ll understand why it is a substantial investment.

In this article, you’ll find all the basics you need to start the change in your home, and where to find light fittings UK.

How Much Can You Save?

To understand how much you can save, you have to breakdown the costs of running any light bulb in three different aspects: the lifetime of the lamp, energy expenditure, and upfront cost.

The lifetime of an LED bulb is generally around 20.000 hours, while a regular quality light bulb only has about 1000 hours. You will need to change a regular light bulb 20 times in the time you change one LED light bulb.

Speaking of energy, LED bulbs consume 10% of the energy needed by a regular bulb. Whereas you need a 40w bulb to lighten up a small room, a 4w LED light bulb can do the same.

Finally, and the biggest complaint about LED lights is the upfront cost of the bulbs. Well, on average, an LED bulb costs around £6, while a regular incandescent bulb costs £2.

However, if you take into account the lifetime of the bulbs and energy expenditure, you can see who the real winner is and how much you’ll end up saving.

What does it Cost to Change to LED?

As explained above, the most significant hit when changing to LED comes from the light bulbs. You’ll have to spend an average of 3 times more the cost of each light bulb you wish to change.

Moreover, depending on the light fittings you have installed in your home, you might have to change them for LED bulbs.

Most light fittings in the UK are compatible with LED bulbs. Still, some of the most advanced lights available might need you to change to special light fittings designed for efficiency.

LED light bulbs

What You Need and Where to Buy

The only thing you need to start changing is LED light bulbs. You can buy these from most stores locally.

However, if you need to change your light fittings for efficient LED lights, you probably should look for a store where you can save the most.

Spares2You is one of the best stores available in the UK, with dozens of different light fittings available. If you’re looking to save money in light fittings UK, this store might be your best bet.

Start Saving Money Today with LED Lights

Even if you’re not struggling with your electricity bill, changing to LED lights is also a great way to help the environment.

LED lights are more efficient with energy and reduce carbon emissions produced by power plants; moreover, their designs are eco-friendly and highly recyclable.

So stop wasting money in your household, help the planet, and change today to LED lights.