5 Reasons Why Doing Business In Leeds Is A Smart Idea

Leeds is one of the finest cities to live in England. However, something that’s not as commonly known is that is it’s also an amazing place to do business. Sometimes it can even give London a run for its money, seeing as Leeds is far less crowded. It’s a booming city at the moment, which is why doing business in Leeds is a smart move.

Leeds city centre
photo credit: Tejvan Pettinger / Flickr

Excellent connectivity

One thing that’s absolutely certain about Leeds is that it has an amazing location. It’s directly on the land route from London to Edinburgh, and even if you don’t drive, the train is a very close second option. Outside of London, the train station in Leeds is the busiest one in England. However, the airport in Leeds is also the fastest growing in the UK, which makes international travel incredibly easy. You’d be anywhere in Europe in less than a few hours, and you’d be connected to North America and Asia at all times.

Strong and fast growth

Leeds is growing strong on a yearly basis. It’s the third-largest city in the UK, and it’s expected to grow a lot more in the following decade. That’s connected to the fact that Leeds is one of the most desired attractive cities to both live and work in the UK. Apart from this, it is a city with a crazy amount of new foreign investments. The number and diversity of businesses also grow each year, as there is more and better business propping up all the time.

Great office spaces for business

More and more offices and conference buildings are being constructed all over Leeds. It’s never been this easy to set up a meeting or a business event in Leeds, and in brand new and fully equipped spaces too. It’s also very easy to find Leeds conference venues, especially with the help of services like Venuefinder, so you’ll never be out of options.

Leeds CBD at night
Photo credit: Lad 2011 / Wikipedia

It’s becoming a central hub

Outside of London, Leeds is definitely the biggest financial hub. With the steady boom, it’s been seeing, there a lot of people working in banking, accounting, and general finance jobs. There are thousands of people that work only in banking, let alone other financial jobs. That number is more than in other cities like Manchester, Glasgow, and Birmingham. Also, the number of both skilled and unskilled workers is steadily rising.

A start-up culture

Leeds is known to have one of the highest number of new start-ups in recent years, which is both the cause and result of a thriving start-up culture. It’s a city that embraces its start-ups and their many forms, so you can safely expect that you’ll be welcomed as well as possible. In many ways it’s better and less cynical than London, seeing as many start-ups have moved from London to Leeds.

Leeds is an amazing city in its own right. It’s not only a great place to live and work, but also to focus on business. It offers so much for those willing to take the first step. And after a while, you’ll definitely come to agree with this.