How To Export Your Trello Cards To Excel?

Communication is undoubtedly essential to the success of every activity, regardless of the field or industry it is in. Communication promotes not only a smooth workflow but also transparency which every client would want from their project management team. One of the ways to do this is to have clean and clear exporting and reporting measures through the use of a project management tool that can automate many of the tasks to ensure accuracy and getting things done in half the time.

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Among these software is Trello, a Kanban-style collaboration tool that helps teams manage their projects. It lets users make use of boards, lists, and cards to create projects and tasks and assign them to members with corresponding due dates. However, Trello’s reporting and exporting capabilities are limited.

Trello’s exporting capabilities

Trello has grown so popular among project management teams because of its ease of use and flexibility. Unfortunately, its exporting capabilities, as well as its reporting capabilities, are not complete. Users who want to export their Trello cards into an Excel sheet cannot do this. They have to be subscribed to the Business Class to be able to do so. Meanwhile, Trello only allows regular users to export their cards into a JSON format.

This process can be easily done in three simple steps.

1. Open Trello and proceed to the Board Menu to the right of the screen. Click on More.

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2. Then, click on Print and Export.

Trello - screenshot 2

3. This leads users to choose either to print or to export JSON which exports the data into the JSON format.

The problem with JSON format is that it doesn’t load into commonly used programs, including Excel. Therefore, being able to export in this format is useful mainly for creating back-up should an emergency happen.

How to export Trello cards into Excel

Because of this gap in Trello’s reporting and exporting capabilities, a number of third-party software provides ways to bridge it.

One of these software is Export for Trello which lets users export Trello boards to Excel or to an Excel xlsx file. The export fields include list, title name, description, points, due date, member initials, labels, card number, and card URL.

Trello - export feature
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Another software is Placker which is also an online collaboration tool that lets users organize their work in a flexible way. It has exporting capabilities that enhance Trello’s wherein users can export their cards into Excel. Additionally, it can synchronize all changes back into Trello from the spreadsheet. (

Bridge24 for exporting Trello cards into Excel

One of the most popular and intuitive third-party integrations for exporting on Trello is Bridge24. This online application works with Trello and allows real-time sync, letting users view and edit their data from either of the two applications. When data is entered in one application, the other gets updated as well. This keeps the users from having to shift from one software to the other.

Bridge24 bridges the gap in Trello’s reporting and exporting capabilities and saves users time and effort as they don’t have to use several different tools just to bring their cards into an Excel spreadsheet. Users only need to make a few clicks and they are provided with a readable and high-quality format.

Bridge24 for Trello exporting options

Bridge24 for Trello is Bridge24 specifically dedicated to bridging the reporting and exporting gap in Trello. It is every organization’s solution to exporting and reporting with Trello, given that it lets users export across not just one but multiple boards. Its powerful filters can be used across projects for a specific range of dates given.

Bridge24 has the capability to filter and include any list and card of any board on Trello and even reuse these filters. Also, users can have the exact report or presentation they need for their clients that use Excel or any other spreadsheet. Additionally, these files contain information such as custom fields, comments, and checklists, as well as URL links on Trello cards and attachment information.

Aside from these exporting capabilities, Bridge24 also lets users export these cards in grid, calendar, or board mode. Furthermore, users can create high-quality reports through the software’s built-in interactive charts that include pie, vertical, horizontal, polar, and doughnut charts.

Bridge24 - Trello export feature
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Without a doubt, clear communication, accompanied by clean and unambiguous reporting are keys to successful project management. Having the right tools, such as the exporting and reporting measures provided by tools like Bridge24, can accommodate you in achieving your project success.