A logo helps to identify a business to customers. It conveys to clients the professionalism and image of the business. It is important to have a consistent and attractive logo for the business to make the products or services purchases. Logos ought to be attractive, clearly visible and unique to stand out among other businesses.

Fiverr website
photo credit: Rashedul Hoque / Flickr

Websites and blogs

The Internet is the maximum obvious vicinity to exhibit an excellent company brand identity. A well-optimized web page can entice traffic who wouldn’t otherwise find your merchandise. Your company logos are placed alongside major elements of your website, including the tagline and bio.

Business cards

Don’t underestimate the impact of an awesome old school business cards. Many people still consider the power of business cards. With business cards, you can always slip them into any communications with your customers. When compared to other advertising materials, business playing cards are much less probable to get thrown out.

Signs and banners

Colours and pictures play a huge component in logo image, and give ‘cues’ to clients on what you company is all about. For example, can you picture McDonald’s golden ‘M’ arches into view as you drive through a street? Many stores hold huge signs to capture attention as customers walk in.

Forms and Invoices

Your forms and invoices can also be great branding tools. A wonderful logo and brand image go a long way in enhancing your company’s credibility. Most buyers see branded business stationaries as an indicator of professionalism.

KFC truck
photo credit: CarnagerSDV / Flickr

Business vehicles

There’s a reason most people can’t forget about shiny red KFC vehicles. Branded vehicles show visible branding cues: shade, pictures, and movement. A vehicle sporting an outsized brand is a moving billboard inviting people to learn more about your business.

Email Signature

If you are in touch frequently with your readers or clients, then you may not omit the possibility of including your logo in signatures. You can do this by means of inserting it into the bottom of every email and even add your social media info beneath it. Don’t forget to well-design your email newsletters, too!


Are you using third party software to streamline your operations? Do you use Paypal for managing payments? Did you realize that you can upload your own brand to PayPal? It’s as simple as going on your profile and choose the images from the list.


Comment on different blogs and display your branding by including your logo in your Gravatar account. While personal photos are preferable, but your company logos work, too!

Black office interior design
photo credit: Coordination Asia Ltd. / Pinterest

Office Decor

Design your workplace by incorporating your logo design to your decor. You can try this by using an artwork print and framing it or even placing a prominent sign to your office wall.


Have you observed the small icon that looks interesting next to your URL? That’s the favicon.  If your brand has illustrations or maybe icons, the dimensions are probably too small and the info will no longer display correctly.  If that’s the case, then you may want to design a different version that depicts your brand well in such a small space.

Social Media

You can add your logo to your covers on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter, or as a watermark and embed it to your Pinterest pics. If you’ve got a YouTube channel, use the banner area to showcase your brand. And don’t neglect your LinkedIn profile, too!  The bottom line, add your brand and logo on all social media platforms you are on.

Branding consistency

Packaging and Products

Product trademarks give you an excuse to reinforce your branding in order to attract more clients and improve your product sales.

According to enKo (a company that sells discounted Zebra, Dymo, & Avery compatible labels), It is estimated that 70% of consumers rate their product impressions based on product packaging. In the 2017 sales survey, businesses register a 30% increase in sales when they improve their packaging.


When it comes to branding, the possibilities are limitless.  Identify things that get your target market attention, and be sure your brand logos are displayed in those.