What Investors Look For In A Pitch Deck

When you’re in the room with an investor, you only have one chance to pitch your business and pique their interest.

Most of the time, there is no one slide, statement or piece of information that will sell an investor on your brand. Investors consider the long term growth of your business and, therefore, will look at the bigger picture of your brand — which is comprised of various elements.

Investors reviewing founders' pitch decks

The reality is that your slide deck is the backbone of your pitch. Thankfully, with the help of PowerPoint specialists, you can create a pitch deck that has all of your business’s essential information laid out in a way that is engaging and visually appealing.

It is important to make sure that your pitch has all the elements an investor is looking for – after all, according to Entrepreneur, investors only fund 1 out of every 10 pitches they listen to. Without some of these key projections and insights, a potential investor won’t feel the urgency to invest in your business:

Personality & Tone

Investors are looking for a pitch that stands out. Set your business apart from the rest by presenting your pitch with personality — be personable and let your quirks show.

Presenting with an overtly formal or dry tone is a sure-fire way to lose your audience’s interest. Bring yourself into your presentation.

After all, an investor isn’t just investing in your business — they are investing in you! Allow your personality to shine through in your slide deck and in your speech. If you want to be memorable, you need to be yourself — because no one else can bring your personality and personal skills to the table but you!

Creating financial projection

Targets & Projections

To convey to an investor that your business has growth potential, you need to have the numbers to back up your claims. Investors want to know the hard numbers that will quantify the value of your business. They want to know your current and projected numbers like profit, market, users and more.

Clarity & Context

You don’t want your pitch to leave an investor feeling confused. Use clear numbers and statements to demonstrate where your business is and where it’s going.

If you’re struggling to keep your content and slides clear and concise, you can enlist the help of a professional PowerPoint designer to help you improve your copywriting.

Business team members

Team & Community

Investors want to know the people behind your business. A brand’s community begins with the team behind it. Showcase the experienced people you have in different roles who work together to operate your business.

This way, investors can put faces to the work done and can better understand the community your business is building both internally and externally. Allow them to understand your work culture and the atmosphere you are creating.

Strategy & Planning

What does your business do, and how? You want to deliver a pitch that doesn’t only explain where your business is in profit and growth right now, but where it is going.

Even more than that, however, you want to explain how you are going to get there by using numbers, charts and other aesthetic elements. Fortunately, if data visualization and aesthetic slide design isn’t your forte, there are PowerPoint agencies who can come in and do the design work for you.

Demonstrate that you’ve planned ahead for potential changes brought upon by industry advancements or growth opportunities. You have a vision, and you want your investor to see, understand and believe in that vision.