DearMob iPhone Manager: Hands Down, The Best iTunes Alternative for Backing Up iPhone/iPad Data

iPhone and iPad users are often met with a common challenge: managing and storing data. Space limitations on iPhones and iPads are a pain point among their users, and the most common go-to for backing up data has long been iTunes. Unfortunately, Apple hasn’t served its users with a better option, leaving software developers to go out on their own and create the streamlined back up platforms that iPhone and iPad users truly need.

While there are a number of platforms out there proclaiming to be the best iTunes alternative, the truth is that many of them are riddled with bugs and glitches. These platforms simply won’t do. It’s critical to find a safe, solid platform for transferring and managing iPhone files. You want to be able to move your files without worry of the platform freezing and you losing data. In this article, we’re going to discuss one iTunes alternative that stands out among the crowd.

iTunes alternative for iPhone and iPad backup

DearMob iPhone Manager Overview

There are many, many iPhone manager platforms out there, but it’s important to know that no two are the same. In the case of DearMob iPhone Manager, users get a robust platform that can handle virtually any and all data storage needs.

If you’ve been looking for a streamlined and strong iTunes alternative, then DearMob iPhone Manager could be the solution you need. With built-in features, you can leverage DearMob iPhone Manager to encrypt, convert, and even selectively restore content. You can use the platform to manually manage your music, video, and photo files, as well as merge duplicated contacts, set a custom ringtone, and much more.

The great thing about DearMob iPhone Manager is the freedom you get. There are virtually no limits with DearMob. Plus, you can enjoy faster iPhone and iPad migration. If you need to free up space quickly, you’ll be pleasantly surprised at what DearMob iPhone Manager can do. For instance, you can easily transfer 100 photos at 4K resolution in just 8 seconds flat, without fear of freezing or delay. That’s why DearMob iPhone Manager is one of the most sought after iTunes alternatives on the market today.

DearMob iPhone Manager: Taking a Closer Look

Yes, there are other iTunes alternatives out there, but we have yet to come across any that are as clean and easy to use as DearMob iPhone Manager. Just because it’s easy to use doesn’t mean it only offers a few features. No, in fact, you can expect the ability manage just about anything you can imaging from your iPhone or iPad with uncompromised ease.

DearMob iPhone Manager is a simple, clean platform that has been created from the ground up to make it easy for users to do everything they want. The interface is organized and easy to use. Packed with features, DearMob iPhone Manager solves the problems that other iTunes alternatives – and even iTunes itself – could not solve. iPhone are notorious for their limitations, leaving users to leverage iTunes, and if they don’t want to use iTunes, then they must explore other options, such as DearMob, which brings to the table a comprehensive solution.

DearMob screenshot

From within the DearMob interface, you can manage everything via iPhone file manager – photos, videos, music (including non iTunes media), files, contacts, apps, backup, ringtones, SMS, podcasts, and books. Simply open up the DearMob interface, connect your device, and then choose what you want to do. DearMob iPhone Manager is making hard drive backups without iTunes easier than ever. The platform gives users amazing flexibility in their iPhone files, and users can easily transfer data from iPhone to iPhone. Not only that, but you can also backup your iPhone to an external hard drive. Here is how to backup iPhone to external hard drive.

DearMob is so much more reliable and easier to use than iTunes Windows. iTunes Windows will try to replace old music with a new playlist when you transfer. It also doesn’t let you specify a file to sync – it’s all or nothing. If you transfer videos and photos from your PC to iOS, you can’t transfer them back. DearMob also uses considerably less space than iTunes Windows.

All in all, this is a platform that was designed to fill a major gap left by Apple while giving users unparalleled freedom and ease of use.


There are no one size fits all options when it comes to backing up iPhone data, but DearMob certainly does a great job of having something for everyone. If you are an iPhone or iPad user, then you are already likely using iTunes to back up your data, and you’re already probably aware of the limitations you have. Imaging being able to manage your data exactly how you want to. That’s what DearMob can do for you!