How Using VideoProc Makes Editing And Uploading 4K Videos To YouTube a Breeze

In the world of content creation, video is king. With video, you can amplify the results of virtually any marketing campaign, and if you’re a YouTube content creator, then you likely already know how monetizing your videos can be effective. The key to getting results from your videos rests in creating stunning 4K videos and then uploading them to YouTube.

When it comes to uploading 4K to YouTube, you know that a seamless process is best. A powerful editing tool that lets you get your videos published quickly can help you get more visibility and earn more from your efforts. While there are a number of platforms out there, it’s important to find the right one for editing and uploading your 4K videos to YouTube.

Editing 4K video

Yes, there are free programs out there that are designed to help, but most of these are extremely difficult to use or don’t offer the robust features you need to get your 4K videos polished and published. Whether you are an amateur content creator or an expert in this area, VideoProc is a promising solution.

What is VideoProc?

VideoProc was made by Digiarty, which has been creating software since 2006. Today, they are renowned in DVD backup and hardware-accelerated 4K video and audio processing. It’s efficient, well organized, and easier to use than programs targeted towards expert use, such as Final Cut Pro X and Adobe Premiere Pro.

VideoProc is relatively easy to use, making it a breeze edit, trim, merge, and enhance videos, but it definitely doesn’t slack. While it’s easy to use, VideoProc offers the advanced video editing capability you need to make your 4K videos a success on YouTube.

How VideoProc Stands Out

While YouTube is the best platform for monetizing videos through ads, there is one major secret to success: 4K videos. 4K videos can help you boost search rankings, and 4K is the most in demand format, thanks to modern screens. Getting your 4K footage just right for YouTube is extremely important if you’re serious about earning from your efforts. That’s why we believe VideoProc is a go-to platform for anyone who want to create and edit 4K video content for publishing on YouTube.

VideoProc offers a number of features that content creators rely on, such as full GPU acceleration. With this feature, you can enjoy 4K video processing speeds that are up to 47 times faster. As a major plus, VideoProc even supports 8K video editing and uploading.

Another thing that makes VideoProc stand out? You can take 4K video from virtually any device and edit and upload it to YouTube. Whether the video was shot with a GoPro, iPhone, or DJI, you can rely on VideoProc to work for you. If you use other platforms aside from YouTube, then you’ll be surprised to see the list of things you can do with VideoProc. Perhaps best of all, it only takes a few minutes to learn how to use VideoProc to transform your 4K videos and upload them to YouTube.

How to Get Started with VideoProc

YouTube upload tips

When you first open VideoProc, one of the most noticeable attributes the platform offers is a clean layout that lets you choose from video, DVD, downloader, and recorder. You can choose to upload and work on just one 4K video or several. This is especially helpful for the content creator who is mass publishing content. The more content published, the more potential earnings, especially in terms of publishing 4K videos on YouTube. Plus, you can ensure that you are getting the very most out of 4K when you use VideoProc to beautify your videos.

Getting started is easy. Simply import your single or multiple videos. The next step is to cut and trim your videos. Once you’ve cropped your video, you can then resize and convert video for YouTube. After this, just go to YouTube and upload your 4K videos the same way you usually was.

Check out this official tutorial:

VideoProc truly offers features that are designed to help you beautify your 4K videos and get the most out of them once you upload them on YouTube. For example, video stabilization makes your 4K videos look smooth and professional, and the fisheye fix feature corrects fisheye lens distortion. The remove noise feature is also extremely helpful, and with the enhance video feature, you can adjust playback speed, audio volume, and more.


VideoProc was created from a brand that is trusted by content creators all over the world, which gives you just another reason to give it a try. You’ll be pleasantly surprised to see how simple editing and publishing your 4K videos on YouTube is. We’ve found that VideoProc is a go-to 4K video editing platform that’s both easy to use and robust.