Don’t Have a Bank Account? Here are Your Options for Cashing a Check

Cashing a check when you don’t have a bank account is not easy. Nowadays, most monetary transactions are done online.

Family members and friends exchange money through online apps such as PayPal, Venmo, or Zelle. Most of these methods, if not all, require you to link a bank account.

Writing check

Cashing a check when you have a bank account is straightforward. You can use an ATM or drop it by the bank. Some banks even allow users to take a picture of the check and deposit it using your phone.

However, you can’t just walk into a local bank to deposit a check without a bank account. Even if the bank allows you to cash your check, you’ll be required to pay a fee every time you deposit a check.

If you need to cash your check more often, we would advise you to open a checking account of your own. Through this, you can order business checks with color logo from online vendors. These checks are of high quality and will be delivered very quickly.

Even so, what are your options if you want to access your cash but don’t have a bank account? read on and learn more:

Check Cashing Places

Even though it is not easy to cash a check without a bank account, it is not impossible. There many places you can cash a check, even though you’ll be charged a small service fee.

The best thing is that you can get your money the same day.

Cashing check without bank account

Every company has its rules and requirements that you must follow to get your check cashed. Besides, some places will not cash certain types of checks, so call ahead before you make your trip.

The Bank on the Check

The easiest place to start when cashing a check without a bank account is the bank listed on the check you want to cash.

The bank information if found above the memo line at the bottom left corner. Once you have this information, call a local bank and inquire about their cashing policy.

The bank will check the account balance of the person who wrote the check to verify the availability of funds. They can also call the account owner on the spot to avoid cases of fraud.

If you don’t have an account with the bank, you might be required to pay a fee to get your check cashed.

Be sure to carry your valid ID, driver’s license, passport, or any other legal identification document.

Ace Check Cashing

If you can’t access a local bank, then you might want to consider Ace Check Cashing. But be careful as this option charge a higher fee compared to other options on the list.

Also, some stores might require a credit card, so be sure to ask beforehand.

Your Employer

Sometimes you can ask your employer to cash a check for you. Due to the specific regulations regarding check checking, most employers do not prefer offering these services. But, some do. There is no limit to the amount on the checks that an employer can cash in a day provided they are on payroll checks.

Employers are also allowed to cash non-payroll checks, provided they don’t exceed $1000 per day.


Walmart is among the most global and accessible check cashing places on our list. It has more than 5,000 locations, with almost 90 percent of the US population living close to Walmart.

The best thing with cashing checks at Walmart is that they offer several options, including payroll checks, tax checks, pre-printed checks, cashier’s checks, etc.

Gas Station

Gas stations were a better option for cashing checks, but most have stopped providing this service due to the high risk of fraud. After the check is cashed, a gas station can rarely do anything to track down the individual responsible.

Grocery Store

The grocery store is another dependable and convenient place for cashing a check. Not every grocery chain offers this service, but some like Winn Dixie, Kroger, Winco, HEB, among others, do.

Check limits and fees vary from one store to another. Most grocery chains will not allow the cashing of personal checks due to fraud risk.

Endorse Your Check to a Person You Can Trust

If you don’t have a bank account, you can endorse your check to a person who does. You just need to:

  • Write “Pay to the order of (Name)
  • Sign underneath

The person will then cash the check for free and give you the funds. For security purposes, you’ll both be required to be present at the bank.