7 Reasons Online Reviews Are Essential For Business Branding

A company without online reviews does not exist. To not exist means international consumers can’t find you and competitors are winning potential customers. Most importantly, the potential to increase revenue will be challenging. It is the reality for companies that do not have a strategy to enhance online visiblity.

According to Statista, 72% of consumers online believe product reviews are important for making purchasing decisions.

Online reviews as branding tools

Here are the top reasons online reviews are important and how it can impact your business.

1. Improves Search Rankings

The top search engine in the world in 2020 is Google. A combination of online reviews, SEO keywords, links, and how easy your site is on mobile devices can help.

The magic behind ranking high on Google is unclear. This is the first thing people think after seeing a high ranked site with positive online reviews:

  • Reputable company
  • Well-established business
  • Technologically advanced
  • Customer service focused

One of the best ways to increase reviews is to ask customers to leave feedback. You can promote customers sharing feedback by adding a Call to Action on receipts, your website, email marketing blasts, or through your customer service team.

2. Communication Platform

Online reviews are helpful to find out how you can improve business. It is a centralized place to resolve issues with customers that are comfortable with sharing feedback online rather than calling customer service for help.

A company that responds to reviews within hours can appear customer service focused. Also, this data is powerful because a product manager, marketing, and customer service can use customer feedback trends.

If your goal is to rebrand negative online reviews, online reputation management companies like Massive Brand Online can help.

3. Increases Website Traffic

All companies wish for high volume traffic. It can result in inquiries and purchases. A consumer finding your website is the second part of the Sales Process called Connecting.

A website that is easy to use, professional, with a persuasive call to action can help close deals without human effort. Also, it can increase in-store traffic, which is as important. Here are branding tips for an Online review account:

  • Product images and videos
  • Contact information
  • Business hours
  • Company logo

You can be creative and set the business apart from the competition by setting up an online review account.

Woman posting online review

4. Free Marketing

Entrepreneurs that need to reduce marketing expenses can achieve this by improving online reviews. Think about it. The reviews speak for themselves. If most star ratings and customer feedback are positive, it can motivate consumers to believe in your branding. Here are online media that will add to online reputation:

  • Customers uploading testimonials
  • Customers taking product photos
  • Customers recommending your products

Once you take advantage of review platforms (i.e., Google, Yelp, Bing, Amazon), it can improve marketing ROI.

5. Organic Community Reach

Reputable companies that include Lego and Xbox attracted an organic outreach of an online community. These brands impact consumers live in a way that online reviews turned into a community of international customers. It can take time, but it can become a reality if people are inspired to share your unique company to the world.

6. Gain Serious Leads

Online leads are the most useful of they lead to a closed sale. If a person reads your online reviews, chances are they are serious about buying. A problem most small businesses without an online presence experience are receiving inquiries not leading to a sale.

7. Outshine Competitors

If you encourage customers to leave feedback regularly, owning the online space in your industry is achievable. Imagine a company website as the first site on Google for a long period. Competitors cannot stand a chance in outshining your business. The goal is to offer products and services that exceed people’s expectations.

Online customer reviews


Online review can attract new business and help a company reach international consumers. It is a way to communicate with customers, resolves problems, and do more of what customers appreciate.

You can organically build an online community from online reviews that can lead to free marketing. Businesses that win gain serious leads and encourage customers to leave feedback which helps to outshine competitors.