Did you know that the vast majority of stolen laptops and PCs are never recovered? While it may not cost a lot of money to replace a basic computer, could you afford to replace all of your data and the information contained on the device? Personal information, client details, confidential business forecasts and strategy; all this data is precious, and you certainly don’t want it to fall into the wrong hands.

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While you may not be able to prevent all thefts, you can put systems in place to make the information on your PC more secure. You can also prevent unauthorised people from accessing your machines, whether they are in the office or taken off the premises. One of the best ways to add this extra layer of security is with smart card PC login.

Here are some excellent reasons to invest in smart card PC login hardware in your office.

1. Passwords Aren’t Secure: Smart Card Login Is

People tend to suffer from password fatigue, and after a while, stop trying to think up strong passwords for their devices. They often fall back on insecure options like “password” or “123456”. If you do not enforce a strong password etiquette, your computers will remain highly vulnerable. With a smart card to log in, you can do without passwords, or, as described below, you can add an extra layer of security which will help even if a chosen password is weak.

2. The System Provides Two-Factor Authentication

The best option for a more secure system is to use two-factor authentication, which is to combine “what you know (password or PIN)” with “what you have (smart card)”. When people log on, you are performing an authentication of the person as well as the device. This is particularly useful when you have a workforce that changes regularly, such as with temporary staff or agency workers.

3. Smart Card Log On Is Convenient

A smart card log on system can be used as a single sign-on solution, which allows the user to access multiple apps with just one card and login details. This is more convenient than having to remember the login details for numerous different applications. It is also more secure since many people keep applications permanently open on their desktops, to avoid having to remember various logins.

4. The Process is Simple and Straightforward

People are used to carrying smart cards with them. They know how to use a contactless card to access facilities or to use public transport. The PC log on system will not require any training and will be easy for workers to pick up.

Smart card PC login
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What’s the Best System for Smart Card PC Login?

The most effective smart card PC logon system is one that combines cost-effective materials with high-spec hardware. HID card readers and next-generation smart cards are secure and robust. You can also easily roll out a system over multiple offices and locations. Look for a cost-effective and flexible system to cover all your needs as they grow or shrink.