5 Business Coaching Questions To Ask Yourself 

Business owners turn to coaches when they are struggling to reach their goals. Business coaching enable teams to reach solutions to both small and large scale problems.

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As a business owner trying to grow your company, you might not have the finances to hire a coach. According to Alan Behrman, a psychologist Alpharetta in GA, asking yourself the tough questions and opening yourself up to introspection and self-reflection can help you find the answers you’re looking for—in business and in life.

Without the proper guidance, your business could continue to plateau or decline. Fortunately, you can achieve the same outcome on your own. You simply need to ask yourself the top business coaching questions that lead teams to succeed.

1. What Is Your Definition Of Success?

To begin, ask yourself what your definition of success is. Avoid thinking of the generic answers that you’re likely hear in classes, at conferences and while listening to speakers. Focus on your business in particular. Keep in mind that your definition of success should differ from your top competitor’s definition.

After you come up with an honest definition of success as it relates to your company, you can begin taking steps to achieve it. Ask this business coaching question to grow your company.

2. What Has Contributed To Your Success So Far?

Business owners also take a step toward achieving their goals when they ask themselves about what has contributed to their successes so far. Once again, your answer to this question will vary from other business owners’ answers. Only think about your company. Consider the challenges you have faced in the past and the actions you took to overcome obstacles.

Perhaps you hit a rough patch within your first year of business. You could have lost a substantial amount of capital due to poor decision-making. You may have turned to an investor for funding. Now, consider how that decision could be holding you back. Business owners need to recognize when the components that once made them profitable are now keeping them from growing. Ask this business coaching question to recognize such factors.

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3. What Are You Currently Dissatisfied With?

Additionally, ask yourself what you are currently dissatisfied with about your business. This is one of the best business coaching questions because it forces business owners to be honest with themselves. Many business owners do not want to admit what they are struggling with.

Although it will take work to solve, you need to address any core issues. Some common core issues that businesses deal with include finding quality employees, managing finances and continuously selling products.

Use your answer to this business coaching question to set a main goal for your team. Then, you will be able to lead your team to success.

4. What Possible Actions Do You See?

Answering this business coaching question will bring you one step closer to reaching your goals.

Consider the possible actions you see to solve your main issues. For some business owners, the possible actions that come to mind are not realistic. Rather than repressing these thoughts, write them down. You might discover that such actions are more attainable than you initially thought. If not, you could use the unrealistic options to create more achievable ones. Break down your actions into bite-sized steps that can eventually solve your problems.

5. If You Weren’t Scared, What Would You Do?

Furthermore, ask yourself what you would do if you were not scared. Forget about the business risks associated with every decision. Avoid thinking about what your competitors are doing. Put your past mistakes out of your mind. Consider what you would do with your business if none of these factors mattered. If you answer yourself honestly, you might uncover what you truly want from your company.

For more insight and ideas, ask your team members what they would do within your business. Many business owners realize that what they would do if they were not scared is actually possible. In turn, they take the initiative and lead their team to succeed after answering this business coaching question.

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Final Thoughts

Contrary to popular belief, you do not need to pay large sums to receive quality business coaching. If you ask yourself the right questions, you can coach yourself to success.

Take a moment to reflect on what has brought you success this far in your business ventures. Determine what you are currently dissatisfied with in your business. Write down the possible actions you see to solve your main issues. Finally, decide what you would do with your company if you were not scared. By asking yourself these business coaching questions, you put yourself in a position to achieve your goals.