What Can You Do With An Online Master’s Degree In Finance?

A Master’s degree in Finance is a great option for those who are looking to make a career change or increase their earning potential. It can have a considerable influence on your career trajectory, providing you with a wealth of knowledge and expertise in a range of fields. Check out the following list of career opportunities with an MSc Finance online programme.

Corporate finance analysts

Corporate Financing

Corporate finance is mainly concerned with managing a company’s financial accounts and capital effectively. It majorly involves bottom-line analysis, with the purpose of making key investment and business decisions to generate profit for the business and increase value for the shareholders. You may be hired by several organisations across industries within the realm of corporate finance including large, multinational companies, as well as smaller, family-owned organisations.

Investment Banking

Although investment banking is sometimes considered to be the most glamorous, it can be a highly-competitive field to break into. This is because investment banks deal with large and complex financial transactions, including the sale of stocks and bonds, as well as mergers and acquisitions. Besides big-money deals and high-return trading, this sector deals with a lot more. You can work as a financial analyst, risk and compliance officer or mergers and acquisitions advisor in this field.

Private Wealth Management

If you are interested in managing financial assets, but do not want to work with the pace and hours associated, career in private banking or wealth management. You will be responsible for the financial assets of individuals with high net worth. This is also referred to as private banking, which aims at assisting high net worth individuals plan and manage effectively their finances.

Accounting career


Accounting a lucrative career option for business graduates that deals with the creation, management and analysis of finances. Besides analytical and numerical literacy, you are also expected to possess skills in navigating tax laws and corporate regulations if you are aspiring to establish a career in accounting.

Commercial Banking

Commercial banking is also known as day-to-day banking that deals with basic banking activities from opening savings accounts to applying for loans. In the commercial banking sector, excellent interpersonal communication skills are highly useful, as most of the roles tend to be customer or client-facing

Entrepreneurial Finance

With the continuing trend for self-employment, the demand for entrepreneurial finance is growing exponentially. Entrepreneurial financial skills especially come into play if you are interested in setting up your own business, securing funding and maintaining financial control.

Now Over to you…

Do you want to land a career in any of the above-mentioned sectors? If yes, then a finance degree can set you up well for a successful professional journey. Apply for an online Master’s in Finance degree today!