Ahmed Dahab: What Is Washare?

First came Uber, providing the public with inexpensive car rides. Next came Airbnb, offering spare rooms to rent. Washare is a revolutionary new platform, enabling anyone with a washing machine to make £1,000 plus per month, by taking care of other people’s dirty laundry.

Washare app

Washare is the brainchild of Ahmed Dahab, who launched the scheme in the UK in June 2019. Within a week, almost 20,000 prospective washers had signed up.

Washare works via two apps: Washare and Cashare.

Want-to-be washers simply download the Cashare app. Those looking to outsource their weekly wash download Washare. The Cashare app puts washers in touch with their potential audience. It also enables washers to make extra money by offering ironing services too.

Washare, Ahmed Dahab’s company, employs 87 marketing, technical and investment relationship staff, located in the UK, Dubai, India and Turkey. He also relies on an outsourced professional crew. The aim of the platform is nothing less than establishing Washare as the ‘Uber of washing’.

Promoted through a multi-million-pound marketing campaign, Washare enables private individuals to make up to £1,100 every month, simply by renting out their washing machine for five hours a day, 22 days a month. Dahab predicts that by the end of 2019, the scheme will hit 30,000 washes per day. That equates to around £50 per day for washers, excluding ironing services, Dahab explained to Forbes.

Prices for users are set by Washare’s algorithms, but overall, they are expected to work out up to 60% cheaper than taking laundry to a traditional street laundrette. When Ahmed Dahab spoke with Forbes, just one week after Washare’s UK launch, he explained that 19,350 individuals had already signed up to the scheme, exceeding their initial target by 200%.

Dahab said would-be washers have praised the idea and are looking forward to receiving orders. Many people who are short of money own a washing machine and have spare time. Many people who have spare cash are short on time, or do not own a machine. The Washare concepts brings these two groups together, helping everyone.

The UK’s launderette sector is worth an estimated £1.85 billion per year. Dahab intends to roll the scheme out internationally, establishing the same service in larger US cities, as well as operating Washare in France, Italy, Canada and Japan.

Dahab explained that over 70% of UK households have a washing machine. This remaining 30% actually represents a very big market. Washare provides a platform for affordable, convenient laundry services that brings direct benefits to everyone.