IT Staff Augmentation: Why Your Company Needs IT

At any given time, all organizations would love to flourish and thrive. This is achieved by having qualified and experienced employees. This can be done by searching for the right candidate that will fit into the job description. This process requires lots of time and cash.

Fortunately, there’s a solution to that. In this article, we will look at IT staff augmentation and its benefits.

IT staff augmentation solution

Staff augmentation is whereby companies may hire consulting companies to search and hire IT staff who have certain special skills as required. This is done by recruiting organization human resources. These staff are employed by the consulting companies and not the organization; thus, they aren’t on their payroll. Hence there isn’t any additional budget for the firm.

Therefore IT staff augmentation can be defined as an outsourcing technique that organizations use to recruit offshore IT staff. This strategy can be done by looking for the right talent and candidate from areas such as South America, Europe, and Asia. Since from these regions, you can get cheap labor as they are many, and the demand is low.

In IT staff augmentation, the outsourcing company is referred to as the official employer. Therefore they have to specify the job description, terms, and responsibilities in the contract. Thus it’s recommended to use NDA for security purposes.

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How IT staff augmentation works?

  • This is done by identifying the skill required expertise, qualifications number of developers the organization needs.
  • It is necessary to know the exact number of people needed to be hired, years of experience you need.

After knowing all that is need the next step is to the searching process. Outsourcing companies have to search for staff that is meeting certain skills and qualifications specified by the organization. They may include:

  • They are available to start work.
  • They have the right skills and experience for the task ahead.
  • They can adapt easily to the organization’s culture and work procedures.
  • The salary expectation has to fall with the company’s budget.

By getting the right candidate, the firm has to know the real requirements that the business requires. Just before bringing any candidate they make sure:

  • They do a thorough check-up to help the organization so that they can get the right candidate.
  • They get to know the task ahead, how it should be done, job description so that they can bring in the right candidate for the job.

Several companies have an onsite IT staff team; however, some of the projects may need some specified skill and experience to complete the task ahead. Hiring temporary isn’t advisable for most businesses thus, IT staff augmentation, in this case, is highly recommend as its perfect solution.

IT expert consulting

Benefits of IT staff augmentation

Staff augmentation helps companies to bring forth qualified specialist that work as a team with the other teams, as the hiring companies bring valuable skills that help the clients to know their needs as well as improving their work procedures.

Here are the benefits of IT staff augmentation:

1. Lower development costs

This is one of the benefits of staff augmentation; this provides dedicated teams by saving costs. The new development team doesn’t require so much in terms of more salaries. This is because, partly, due to the cost of living that is much lower. Therefore they will ask for much lower wages than they would ask while in the US where the cost of living is much higher. This is, in the long run, save lots of cash that can be used in other areas such as development and expansion.

2. Less recruitment hustle

Whenever you hire any IT staff augmentation firm, all the responsibilities lie with them. This includes advertisement, search, recruitment, among others, belongs to them. They find the qualified and the right person that matches job requirements and the only time the firm comes in is during the selection and interviews

3. Low operational costs

When using offshore IT staff, the operation cost is lower than those in western countries. These costs include equipment, taxes, salaries, and remuneration, among other uses lots of cash that comes as additional operating expenses. Therefore IT staff augmentation decreases these costs to a large extent, thus saving more cash.

4. Less legal responsibility

Whenever you are hiring, it too requires both legal and paperwork. This is because it should entail all the taxes, benefits, salaries, and all the things that come with employment. Thereby when using staff augmentation as the employer, they have to carry out all the above procedures – both paperwork and legal responsibilities.

Maintaining own servers
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5. Direct access to experts

The other benefit of IT staff augmentation is that it offers you the best and the right candidate/ specialist. That may turn up to be difficult to find within your region. In some case, you can’t find the right person for your job as well as asking for a salary that within the stipulated budget.

You are assured of getting the right person and candidate with even a much lower cost as compared to the western country. Thus this gives you direct access to the experts. IT staff augmentation firms can always help to save some money also get top-notch experts and professionals.

6. Increased production and team size

With much lower cost, you can able to hire more experts that correspond to the job requirement. For instance, the amount required to hire one person in us can easily and comfortably pay at least two people in Asian countries with the same skills and experience.

7. Flexibility

Last but not least, IT staff augmentation offers you more geographical and also time flexibility. This is due to difference in time zones which they can handle several tasks at the same time, for example, you may find that in us it’s at night but in Ukraine it day time, therefore, Ukrainians can handle such issues while in US developers as sleeping, thus making the firm add value and that the job is still ongoing. This makes the firm more flexible and strong.

Now Over To You…

So, what do you think? Does your company need IT staff augmentation? Please share your thoughts.