Vegas Business Owners Will See An Influx Of Employee Lawsuits After Quarantine Ends

There are few cities that have suffered economically from the COVID-19 shutdowns than Las Vegas has. As a place that practically runs on the entertainment, hospitality, and tourism industries, the coronavirus pandemic struck a shocking blow to Las Vegas, leading to the mayor making national news for her outspoken comments on the issue.

Embracing the new normal

One particular area that business owners in the greater Las Vegas area should keep an eye out for are employee lawsuits that may begin to appear once restrictions across the US die down. Although many tourists were protected by the swift shutdown of hotels and casinos, the natives and citizens of Nevada have not been so lucky, leading to cases of coronavirus appearing in droves in certain workplaces.

Unfortunately, one consequence of the near-sighted decision to ignore social distancing measures in workplaces seems to be employee lawsuits.

What Types of Employee Lawsuits Will Be Most Prevalent?

One precedent that has already been set quite early on is in the case of the Walmart associate who died after contracting coronavirus. Very quickly afterward, the grieving family filed a wrongful death suit against the company in pursuit of damages for this man’s death. Although wrongful death will be the most serious of these types of lawsuits, it’s obvious that there will be a few families who are looking for swift justice for irresponsible employers and bosses.

More commonly, disgruntled employees will be looking for hazard pay or unpaid wages. These types of cases may seem minor when they appear, but underestimating the power that a lawsuit has to damage your business would be shortsighted.

Another common issue related to COVID-19 that employers and business owners may see their share of is accusations of not practicing proper health and social distancing guidelines during the pandemic. If an irresponsible boss or manager failed to implement these measures, they may be held responsible for their actions in a personal injury lawsuit.

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How Can They Be Prevented?

The easiest way to prevent employee lawsuits is to always ensure that there is proper communication between the upper management and those who run the everyday operations, like sales associates and food workers. Practicing proper social distancing guidelines and requiring that employees wear facial protection while working are also relatively simple ways to prevent employees from infecting each other or customers.

No One Needs Employee Lawsuits

Let’s face it–your business is already suffering due to the economic slowdown, and there’s no need to add an employee lawsuit onto your already-full plate. By taking the proper steps to ensure your employees are safe and aware of the current situation, you can prevent a million-dollar lawsuit from landing in your lap.

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