What Is Bespoke SaaS And How Does It Benefit Businesses?

Software as a Service (SaaS) is an alternative to on-premise or desktop-based software solutions. It’s a cloud-based software that is used by both major corporations and SME’s to enhance business operations.

People are using SaaS software every day without even realising. If you’ve used services such as Outlook or Hotmail, then you’ve already used a form of SaaS.

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So, what exactly is Saas and how can it help your business?

What is SaaS?

It’s a software that allows users to connect to and use cloud-based apps over the internet. It’s licensed and provided on-demand through a pay-per-use or subscription basis. The software is hosted by a cloud service provider, which you can then connect to through the internet. Examples of the software are programmes such as Google Apps, Microsoft Office 365 and Mailchimp.

It’s now become a mainstream aspect of cloud computing and means that employees can access the service from anywhere, from any device with an internet connection making working remotely easier and more flexible.

What is it used for?

Businesses tend to use SaaS software for business apps and office software. It’s commonly used for things such as messaging, payroll, database management systems, HR and CRM systems.

Cloud computing and software such as SaaS have become increasingly popular as companies seek more flexible working methods.

SaaS services are operated on accounts that you log in to usually from a web browser where you can then gain access to business applications such as email, calendar apps and other collaborative applications.

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How does bespoke SaaS benefit businesses?

There’s often a debate over whether it’s best to buy or build when it comes to software and generally, unless speed of deployment is the most important factor, then building bespoke systems is always recommended as there are several advantages:

1. Complete ownership

When choosing to create a bespoke product you get total ownership of the product and you don’t have to pay to use it. All you have is the initial investment cost and then you can use it exclusively for your own company.

2. Good for scalability

Custom SaaS solutions mean it doesn’t matter how many employees you have. Due to the system being bespoke you don’t have to pay extra for additional employees to use it. You can continue to use the software whether you have two employees or 200 employees.

3. Custom features

With a bespoke software program you can customise it to include all the features that your company and employees need. Instead of having to use multiple programs for different things you can streamline it with your bespoke software.

4. No compatibility problems

In addition to the above having all of your features in one custom solution means you won’t have any issues with compatibility or inconsistent quality between different platforms.

5. Lower expense

Although the initial investment might seem higher, overall, the cost of a bespoke system is generally lower as you don’t have to pay a subscription fee every month, which adds up overtime. As previously mentioned, you also don’t have to worry about the cost increasing when the number of employees grow.

If you want to you can even license your custom software out to other business and create a new revenue stream.

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How can I get bespoke SaaS software?

This is where software developers come in. Software development companies offer bespoke product development for both SMEs and large organisations. They will become your digital transformation partner and be there throughout the whole process. From initial planning to delivery and support they are there to build your operational software to take your systems to the next level.